I’m around but I’m not.

Time is at a premium, especially Me time at the moment.

I’m laboring for Ashley and quite frankly – “labouring” as in giving birth – would be a hell of a lot easier than what I am doing now.

I’m picking up stuff, moving things, carting things, doing the morning tea runs – in fact you name it I have probably done it over the past week.

The highlight of my week was climbing up and down a ladder to put in 104 downlight globes in just one house!!!!!!

Ashley is so busy he doesn’t know which way to turn, so little old me is the assistant until things settle down, or until one or both of us, collapses with overwork.  Shall we just say that the weekend was spent doing as little as possible and the things we did do was only what we enjoyed.  Ashley spent Father’s day on the couch watching what he wanted, not what the kids wanted to watch, on TV.

Before I forget, and I should have posted so much sooner,  James says a HUGE THANK YOU to all those who sent him Birthday Greetings.  He was tickled pink that complete strangers would take the time wish him well.


2 thoughts on “Laboring

  1. James is a sweety, not that he probably wants to hear that from you.

    Take care of yourself with all the running around that you are doing. 104 lights huh? I’d be scared of climbing the ladder, kudos to you for doing that.

  2. Wow, you are a hard working woman for sure. Hope you and DH get a rest soon. James is one handsome birthday boy. I know that you treasure these times in your life, I wish that I could go back and visit.

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