Socks Finished

With the lure of my homespun wool ever present I thought I should finish off one or two projects before I start knitting the homespun. It’s a hard fought battle but between watching a couple of good movies with Ashley yesterday I did manage to get my second pair of socks finished.

Super comfy and warm and this wool knitted up slightly more denser than my other pair which was nice.

I had put off finishing these as there was only 300 yards of wool on the skein and I was worried I might run out before the end.  I don’t know why I worried though as I ended up with a small ball of left over wool. Probably only enough to perhaps knit an ipod case but it does mean that I could do a patterned sock next time with minimal worries about running out of wool.

Got to tell you to that the Kitchener stitch is the one part of sock making that gives me nightmares.  Despite following the directions step by step it just doesn’t make sense at all.  Knitting Daily had a fabulous tutorial for finishing your socks which gives you an ending like this…..

Sorry not the best photo – it’s very hard to take a photo of a sock on your own hand and keep everything still.  It’s a bit like wrestling with a very determined sock puppet.

You can find the tutorial here……..I found the little rhyme at the end the best way of remembering what step to do and when and even with Ashley laughing at Adam Sandler’s antics in “Zohan” I managed it.  As always if you are new to sock knitting or need brushing up on your techniques try this tutorial at Knitting-Socks. It’s the one I use and has the best step by step instructions and photos I have ever seen.


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