A Woolen Takeover

It would be fair to say that wool has taken over not only my spare time but also my household of late.

You will find woolen projects in the lounge room

Hand Dyed Socks which thanks to Elise’s recent trips to Emergency have progressed far more than they would have normally.

Crocheted Bag – A great project to take along while waiting to pick kids up from school.

In the Laundry – freshly washed  Sheeps wool drying ready to be used

Three bags full – Two of Alpaca and one of lovely chocolate brown sheeps wool. I had to put them in the laundry up high – Milly keeps trying to bury herself in Sam’s fleece and I have caught her twice with her head stuffed as far as she could in the bag sniffing madly and in fleecy heaven.

Two Ashford Spinning wheels.  A recent purchase from a lady in Echuca who also very kindly gave me the three bags of alpaca and wool that are in the laundry and has offered all the mentoring/hand holding I need as I progress into the fascinating world of hand spun wool.  Throw in the fact her hubby is a shearer and they were the most wonderful, friendly people I have met in ages and I had the best day ever in Echuca.

Wool has also taken over my sewing room.

This is Grandmas spinning wheel – it attaches to the sewing machine (James kindly let me borrow his “Pinnock” sewing machine) and works well – well it will when I get used to it.

More spun merino and a skein of silk spun on Grandma’s spinning machine.

My first ball of merino wool spun using a drop spindle that Ashley whipped up for me in five minutes or less – the spindle that is, not the wool.

Sam’s fleece (muted fawny brown) and Snowflake’s fleece (lovely creamy white) spun on the spinning wheel in alternating colour blocks. My first skein of alpaca.  Ohh and yes I’m happy with the “textured” look…vbg.  I was aiming for smooth but it didn’t quite happen.  Maybe the next skein.


5 thoughts on “A Woolen Takeover

  1. I’m so jealous, spinning is something I want to try but the desire doesn’t outweigh the lack of time or space to store all the necessities so I’ll just so “You Go Girl!!!”.

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