A Wombats Tale

We have a very good friend Mick.  He is one of those men who, in his nearly half century of life,  has done a lot, seen even more and told stories about the rest of it. He is also the one who we blame for all Milly’s quirks and bad habits as he owns both of her parents and we keep telling him that he didn’t train her before she was handed over to us…vbg.

Mick has an unlimited store of stories.  He is one of those men who have the knack of telling a story in such a way that you feel you are living the adventure right along with him.  He also hails from Ballarat in his youth which may explain a lot…..ducking the bricks that Jodie, Annie and Rachel are now preparing to throw at me.  You should hear his tales about the monastery, the monks and the rotten eggs he tells!!!!

One of the stories Mick told us recently was a High Country Trip in Victoria  he made with his mate.  Both men meet at a designated point in the High Country and spend their time exploring some not so known parts of the mountains, generally during the snow season, and generally well away from the other four wheel drivers that also flock to the mountains in search of adventure.

The way Mick tells it is that were both wrapped up in their swags, asleep, fire going and snow falling softly when he suddenly woke realising that something very heavy was sitting on his chest.

He squirmed and wiggled to no avail all the time feeling like the thing on his chest was getting heavier by the minute.

Finally after an almighty heave, and feeling like he had just down ten rounds with Mike Tyson the boxer,  he managed to dislodge the dead weight that was holding him down.

As he sat up he noticed that a very large, very heavy, very grumpy wombat was wandering off into the bush.  According to Mick the wombat decided that he made a very comfortable bed and decided to climb on board and spend a bit of quality time sleeping.

Now I will admit I’m as gullible as the next person but even I have difficulty believing this but far be it from me to not beleive one of Mick’s stories.  So I have made him a very special gift.

A knitted Wombat.  The idea is next time he goes camping he can tuck this little wombat into his swag with him when it’s time for sleep and it will help keep all those big, hairy and very heavy wombats away from him during his slumbers.

I don’t even want to know what his mate will say when he sees Mick bedding down with his new friend…..roflmol.  I haven’t given the wombat to Mick yet – he is avoiding me and the flu – but I will catch up with him soon and let you know the reaction.


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