Encore No. 2 of the Broken Thumb Saga

I got a call at 3 pm from the college to go and pick up Elise who was in a lot of pain, in tears and had a swollen hand and arm.  Off to Casualty we went.

Got checked over,  then as the nurse was checking the results, she noticed that apparently there was no sign of a break or even a fracture in Elise’s thumb x-ray results.  Very strange.

Off to wait a bit longer while she checked with the Head Honcho of Radiology (the person who is supposed to know all and sundry about reading x-rays) nope  the HH couldn’t find any sign of a  break or fracture.

Hmmmm the mystery deepens.  Meanwhile Elise’s pain levels are rising.

The Surgeons Registrar was called (the most wonderful young girl with the absolute best bed side manner I have ever seen) and she declared that the cast would be cut off so they could examine the thumb further and to let the swelling subside.  Then we had to wait for the Surgeon to finish his clinic so he could check Elise over again.  Some very strong pain killers were also handed out which did help quite a bit with the pain thank goodness.

Finally (2 1/2 hours later – in which I did get quite a bit of my sock knitted) we saw the surgeon.  He did apologise to us and said that he plastered the hand/arm as he did think that on his initial examination that the thumb was broken and to all intents and purposes it did appear to be broken.  After further checking with the x-ray and reading the Radiologists report the Surgeon said it is just a Soft Tissue Injury and that she didn’t need a cast but bandaged it really well and we are to keep it bandaged until she feels she can use it without pain.

So after all that neither Elise or I are quite  sure where we stand.  The Surgeon was positive that it isn’t broken and that he worked on his first instinct as a “just in case” which to be honest, I’m fine with. I would much rather that they had to cut the cast off cause it wasn’t needed, than not to have had it and have Elise inadvertently do more damage to the thumb which may have resulted in surgery. I guess now it’s a case of keep an eye on it and see how things work.  You could see where there were marks at the base of Elise’s thumb where the cast was pressing so maybe that caused some of the problems and swelling.

The whole affair has left both of us feeling pretty washed out and emotional wrecks.  Elise was in bed by 7.30 pm and I think asleep no more than 10 minutes later.  We shall see how she is in the morning before we make a decision as to send her to school or not.  I might add that the school and her teachers have been outstanding in helping her today and working out all sorts of ways to get around the fact that she can’t write at all or very well with her left hand.

Thank you all for the lovely emails and get well wishes that you sent Elise.  It meant such a lot to her to receive your support.

Who would have known that a thumb could cause so many problems.


4 thoughts on “Encore No. 2 of the Broken Thumb Saga

  1. Poor Elise, I hope her thumb heals up quickly for her and I can see where the cast was causing her the extra pain.

    The time I fractured my elbow the break was so fine that when the actual bone surgeon looked at it he said that I hadn’t needed a cast. He had been off on holiday and they set it. I needed therapy to move the arm again because when it’s held frozen for that long it just locks up so perhaps its just as well she didn’t need a cast.

  2. My goodness, it is always something with us all it seems. Poor Elise, I’m glad that it isn’t broken, and I hope that it heals and feels better quickly.

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