What Elise has Done Now

You just aren’t going to believe what Elise has done now.

A couple of months ago Elise crashed the Go-cart with the end result that we ended up in Emergency to see if she had broken any ribs. No…. none broken – just badly bruised.  After all the illness  that she has had I thought the Go-cart Incident was the final act in what has been a long running saga.

Not true though – like any great performance there is always an encore.

Elise somehow (and we are still scratching our heads as to how she managed to do it) shut the car door when I picked her up from school and hurt her thumb.  When she looked at it it was slightly shorter and a whole lot fatter than normal.  Thinking (although I have to wonder why) she had dislocated it Elise grabbed the offending thumb and pulled it straight.

Then wondered why it hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the time we got home – a whole 10 minutes later – it was really hurting, Elise was in tears  and a trip to casualty was called for.

After a  trip to Xray and a two hour wait we got the news.

Elise has broken her thumb.

So now she has her hand, thumb and arm up to the elbow in plaster and has to wait six weeks before it is removed.

Ashley is threatening to only let her use plastic knives and forks so she can’t hurt herself.

James suggested we feed her baby food so she can’t hurt herself that way – but then we figured she could hurt herself just opening the cans.

Luckily Elise can see the funny side of all this although I think that may wear off pretty soon.

Just to make matters a whole lot more complicated – Elise is RIGHT HANDED.

The thumb she broke is her RIGHT one!!!!

It’s going to be a very long six weeks.


4 thoughts on “What Elise has Done Now

  1. Now I remember a year when my two girls had three breaks between them all at different times – I think the school was seriously wondering what was going on at our place although one break – a wrist – was done AT school at the very first recess on the very first day of the new school year!!!!! We had an entire Febuary in leg plaster – that break was done the very LAST week of the summer holidays of the previous year – these were managed by the same child… Then not to be outdone her sister strapped on her rollerskates – her father said be careful – I had the most wonderful roast pork with melt in your mouth crackling happening – over she went and broke her arm… The roast pork and crackling frogotten!!!!!! That was just before the Easter holidays holiday… I became a dab hand at washing very long hair without getting various plaster wet…. Love and hugs to you and Elise XXXXXX

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