The New Fire Pit

Ashley has been wanting to do an area in our garden that is specifically for having a fire and being able to cook in the camp ovens on the fire for quite some time.  We have been pondering what to do with the area on one side of the second pergola for ages until finally inspiration struck.

There was a large expanse of lawn on this side of the pergola which due to water restrictions and frankly really crappy ground,  looks dreadful for most of the year as the lawn doesn’t do very well.  It was decided that the fire pit would be in this area which would effectively halve the amount of crappy looking lawn.  It is still big enough I might add, to fit in a 20 x 40 foot marquee which is what we will be needing for Ashley’s 40th next year.

More inspiration struck and we decided to move the hut from where it was on the edge of the “lawn” to closer to the fire pit so there was more (sheltered) seating and just cause it looks good.  Give a man a Kanga Loader, a fork lift attachement for it and two semi-willing helpers in the form of Milly and myself and 15 minutes later the hut was moved and in place.

Start laying some bricks as edges for the garden beds and mark out the area for the fire.  Cleo was supervising – can you tell?

Take out the large trailer the next time we go motor bike riding and come home with some really BIG logs for seating and visual effect and spread a bit of gravel around and what do you have?????

A really people and dog freindly area that is just right for sitting around while waiting for a pork roast to cook while enjoying a glass of something cold as you wait.

As you can see it has been used already.  There’s still quite a bit of land scaping to do (I bought more plants at Murrabit on the weekend some of which will end up here) and quite a bit of tidying up to do and the jobs done.  This pergola is destined to have corragated iron sheets put in as walls around two sides to block the wind and provide a more sheltered seating/eating area but that’s another project for another weekend.

As you walk into this pergola from the house I wanted to plant a lot of seedlings – pansies, poppies, sweet william and so on.  The trouble is the black birds which are digging out everything as soon as I put it in so I have resorted to desperate measures and bought some bird netting which should protect the seedlings (when I finally get them in) until they are big enough to cope with the birds.  I just love the path Ashley made too.  It’s railway sleepers cut in half then just laid down.  Nothing is holding them there (except gravity and the odd weed) but they don’t move even when Ashley had to drive the Kanga over them.  Why he had to do that I don’t know and trust me I’m not asking.


5 thoughts on “The New Fire Pit

  1. Real ‘home among the gum trees’ and I can smell the sausages cooking already. Anyone have a guitar all tuned up for the singalong around the campfire?

  2. Really nice! What a great job the two of you did and the kids will love it and their friends as well. I can see it being the focal spot for many evenings with friends and family.

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