How to Knit

In this household there are several factors that are mandatory if you want to learn to knit.

1.  You have to wear your PJ’s.  I don’t know why but whenever the kids express an interest in knitting it always seems to be when they are in their PJ’s.  Maybe it because when they are sick and bored knitting always seems to be mentioned as a way to keep themselves occupied or maybe it’s just because I seem to do most of my knitting when I’m in my PJ’s after tea when it’s my time to relax.  Either way – PJ’s are a must.

2.  Start knitting while standing in the kitchen so Mum, who is madly rushing around trying to get tea prepared and cooked, can keep an eye on your progress.

3.  Have Milly sitting behind you expectantly waiting for you to drop something. Milly has not yet worked out that wool and needles do not mean food and that she will not be fed – no matter how cute she looks.

I refer you to the photo below in order to support the above facts.

Ohh and by the way – Elise is knitting a piglet.  Progress is slow but steady at this point in time.

I have been knitting too.

Two beanies as a friends were expecting their second child shortly and of course we didn’t know what sex the child would be.

Luckily I just got the second one made the day before their beautiful baby son was born.  How’s that for timing?  I’m glad he was a boy as the second hat turned out so well.  I used the Easy Roll Brim Beanie hat Pattern from Crazy Aunt Purl and cast on just 64 stitches. Knitted about 5 inches and decreased.  Too easy and it is soooo cute.  Got to admit it’s been years since I have knitted something that small – but it was fun and so quick to do.


5 thoughts on “How to Knit

  1. I’m kind of amazed that they want to knit. Four kids two of which were girls and not a crafty one in the bunch. They do however read, well except for the one girl.

    Love the beanies especially the little one for the boy.

  2. I love the way Milly and other dogs spread out their rear on a shiny floor like that…..makes me chuckle which probably makes me odd or old with lots of memories of farm dogs.
    I am not…I repeat NOT going to get sucked into knitting again…..for so many decades of my life from a small child to probably around the eighties when I really stopped wearing wool around the time I left teaching…I crocheted many fine small coats ecru round cloths…too big to be called doyles and they still cover and over hang bedside sets of drawers and a few other places. They just grew and grew and the cotton cost a fortune as I recall…then I decided that knitting in particular was for the birds……and know it is super popular. Have decided that you cannot win. I did give big bags of mine and Mum’s wool and half knitted garments away to a current avid knitter.
    Funny how old becomes new again.

  3. Knit 1, Purl 1, Drop 1, Throw it all away……lol. No, not really. I’m always thrilled when young folk want to learn any new craft. Good work, keep it up!

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