Tea Cosies and Pot Scrubbers

Prior to my date with the Doctor and his scalpel I did manage to get two tea cosies knitted and some pot scrubbers crocheted.

I have a tea pot in the bus but didn’t have a tea cosy for it.  The last trip – in an effort to keep the pot warm – I threw a hand towel over it but then worried that someone would grab the towel, not realise it was covering a hot pot of tea and a horrible accident would happen.  There was nothing to do but grab the needles and wool and get knitting.  As if I needed any excuse these days…vbg.

My first attempt.  It was a bit small for the teapot which lives in the bus so Elise now has this tea cosy. Not that she drinks tea – hates the taste of it – but she is working on the theory that when she is away at college and I visit she had better have a tea pot and cosy and all the fixin’s for Mum to have a cup of tea.  I even found a tea pot hidden in the cupboard that the tea cosy fits nicely – now I just have to buy Elise the tea leaves and I’m all set…vbg.

My second attempt and it fits.  The bottom is knitted in the Mistake Rib pattern – then as I couldn’t work out how to decrease and keep the pattern right I just did stocking stitch.

I also finally worked out how to crochet a granny square. Yes I know I’m behind everyone else but the basics (despite extensive searching on the net) escaped me.

I finally found this tutorial at Carina’s Craftblog which was brilliant and my granny square worked – first time!!!!  I kept going but to be honest found crocheting round and round a bit boring so it ended up being the right size to make into a cushion for Nicola’s bed rather than the granny square lap rug I had intended to make.  It’s ok though – the wool I had bought to make the rug has fitted in rather nicely into my stash and will be used for future projects…vbg. In the mean time it’s keeping the other wool warm in their box.

I also bought some knitting nylon – stuff I remember my Grandmother using heaps of – to crochet up some pot scrubbers.

There are only three pictured here but I did get four scrubbers (the one not pictured is about 1/3 larger than the largest one photographed) out of one roll of knitting nylon.  They worked out at $1 each to make and best of all they can be washed and reused again and again.

The kids I might add were not overly impressed at my industry but I felt pretty darn pleased with myself.


6 thoughts on “Tea Cosies and Pot Scrubbers

  1. The tea cosies are so pretty. I’m glad I’m not the only one who ‘loses the plot’ when knitting a pattern and then have to increase/decrease.

  2. Looks like you were having lots of fun, and getting your daughter started on the right foot. Even when you don’t live at home, take good care of mom. The tea cozy is adorable and congrats on figuring out the granny sqaures. The scrubbies are cute enough to be little candle mats.

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