Verandah Views Blocks

I sort of slipped of the blogging map there for a few days.  Not quite sure what happened apart from the usual minutea of life that seems to consume every waking moment which at times I could heartily do without.

My arm where I had the skin cancer removed is doing very well – thank you all so much for your kind comments and emails.  The wound is healing really well and the stitches are itching like crazy – I always seem to react to the the stitches they use – but have to wait until Friday before they will be removed…sigh.  I can put up with itchy stitches though just knowing that that horrible skin cancer is removed.

I have been meaning to show you the Verandah Views blocks that I worked on while we were in Halls Gap.  I was determined not to take any knitting…..and I was very good, I didn’t……….. but I had shocking withdrawals from not being around wool and needles for a few days.  The break did me good though as I was more than ready to get stuck into socks etc when I got home.

It was nice  to work on some simple embroidery for a change.  Can I just say here that no my blocks are not the same as you will find on Willowberry Designs.  I always seem to change something – the colours or where something is to go or I leave something out sometimes deliberately but more often I have forgotten to draw it in when tracing the pattern.

Block 3 – Bed N’ Breakfast

Block 4 – The Buffet

Block 5 – Fowl Play

Block 6 – Flying Lessons

Block  7 – First Blooms

Blocks 1 and 2 I blogged a while ago but am too lazy to search for the link for them.  You can find the free downloadable patterns for all the Verandah Views Blocks here  at Willowberry Designs.  Instructions have already been given for sewing fabric around some of the blocks – I just haven’t got to that stage yet…vbg. It will happen – just not sure when.


4 thoughts on “Verandah Views Blocks

  1. So glad your arm is doing better, but I know from my DH’s skin cancer removals that the itching is intense. After Friday it should be less. The blocks are really cute.

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