Not Crafty Today

It would be nice to think that I am knitting socks like there is no tomorrow, sewing down binding on quilts as if my last breath depended on it or just straight out sewing something spectacular but the truth is nothing crafty is happening.

I had a skin cancer cut out of my arm this morning and with the combined effect of needles, the doctors scalpel and now the anestethic wearing off I’m really not feeling like anything much.  I had a quick cup of tea at Mum’s when I got home from the Doctors and we pulled out the old knitting pattern books that she has had for years.  In particular our favorites are those that my Grandmother and Great Grandmother used.  They are patterns with a style and elegance that are simply breathtaking – not to mention practical.  With my current interest in all things knitted Mum is also rekindling her interest in the art form.  Not that she ever steered away from it for long – but she too is beginning to hunt through old patterns to see what she can make.

I keep telling her how “back to basics” is now the “in thing”.  How people are knitting face washers,  wash cloths, jumpers, baby clothes, scarves beanies and so on with great success.  I’m not sure that Mum totally gets the “back to basics” thing as she is a bit over the “lets make everything” as she did that as a young girl, bride and mother for so many years but it is tweaking her interest.  If nothing else she is digging though the memory banks and recalling what her mother (my grandmother) made.  My Grandmother was one of those women who seemed to turn her hand at just about anything and would try anything crafty.  There were no Craft Police allowed in her home and she was up to the challenge of trying  something new until quite late in her life.  I would like to think that that’s where I get my creativity from.  So long as I’m having fun and learning new skills I shall continue “playing” for as long as I can just as Grandma did.

One book  in particular that Mum and I both love is  Madame Weigel’s Cushions and Cosies Volume 6 1937.  Surprise, surprise I found them and some of their patterns on the web and best of all they are free.  I can remember my Grandmother using tea cosies that she had knitted from these patterns and I think Mum may even have a few tea cosies hidden away in her linen cupboard that she had also knitted from the books.  If you are wanting something a bit different/stylish for your tea pot click on the link above and have a look.  The Loop Stitch Tea Cosy Mum said she knitted quite a few times and always had success with it.  I can remember her pinching our Barbie Dolls to put in the top of it so the whole cosy looked like a doll with a gorgeous dress.

Now on the off chance that I has piqued your interest you can find out a bit more about Madame Weigel here at Poppalina’s blog.

Now a request.   Does anyone know where I might find free patterns for a milk jug cover that is knitted?  I have searched the net a bit this morning but most seem to be crocheted and as much as my crocheting has improved I don’t think it has improved that much…..sigh.  Milk jug covers were another Grandma item.  She always had the most delicate covers with pretty beads around the edge covering the milk or water jugs to keep the bugs and flies out and I would love to make some for myself.


5 thoughts on “Not Crafty Today

  1. Sorry to hear your crafting is at a standstill today! Hope you are feeling better tomorrow and your arm heals well. Can’t help you with a knitted milk jug cover but think I’m going to have a go at some washcloths – another thing to add to the list!!

  2. Hope you’ll feel better tomorrow, Catherine, and that the skin cancer is gone forever.

    Madame Weigal – now there’s a name from the past, long before Simplicity, Butterick, etc.

    I remember ‘Barbie Dolls’ being used in toilet roll covers, but I’m not sure where you would put the legs in a teacosy.

    Good luck with patterns for the milk jug covers; I think I’ve only seen crocheted ones.

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