Halls Gap

I think that the last time I saw Halls Gap as green and lush as it was had to be at least 8 years ago when we camped down there for the first time when James was just a toddler.  It was amazing just how much water way lying around.  Sheets of it on the paddocks, water falls were flowing and misty rain greeted us most mornings.  The bus was cozy and warm and always had all the comforts of home laid on ie chocolate, drinks and plenty of food.

Of course no trip to Halls Gap is complete without lots of Four Wheel Driving.  The Suzuki went everywhere we asked it to and then some.

There were lots of lovely tracks like this explored.

Flowing creeks to cross over or even drive through.

Very rarely did we have to stop and turn back.  The storm that lashed Victoria during the week certainly did its best to damage parts of Halls Gap.  Massive trees were snapped like they were matchsticks and apparently Halls Gap was without power for 24 hours the day before we arrived.

There were waterfalls to examine.  Luckily no one fell into the water – although all the kids admittted they were hoping it would be me that fell in.

Taking photos  was serious business.

Even yours truly had her photo taken.

We came home to sunny skies and semi warm tempretures which was handy as you could not see the laundry floor for washing.


8 thoughts on “Halls Gap

  1. Oh that brings back memories! We used to go every few months 4WDriving at Halls Gap, the Vic High Country and various deserts. I would love to go again, it’s such a nice feeling just you and the ones you love in the middle of the bush! Oh and the creeks and waterfalls are so beautiful, you could actually have a chance of seeing a platypus! I’ve never seen one in the wild, have you?

  2. I love that waterfall. How come you got to drive around??
    My ex had me climbing….I might add quite willingly back in ’81 up every mountain there was to climb.
    The last day I renegged on either Mt Dissapointment or Dangerous …something like that…..it sounded bad.
    I wish oh I wish I was fit enough to do a 10th of it now.
    Must drag out my slides and get them into digital.
    It looks fabulous to see all that water.

  3. What a beautiful place. Did Elise get to drive? I have several teenaged grandkids driving and they do pretty well, Elise probably will be fine. Part of the learning process is being patient with mom and dad, lol.

  4. Aah, you’re so cute the two of you snuggling vbg.

    Love the photos and the waterfall is spectacular. Glad it was nice and green for you. Sounds like you guys had fun.

    We had some weird weather yesterday with lots of brief thunderstorms the last one ending in hail. I’m hoping it was short enough that the currents survived on the bush as I’ve plans to make jam from them.

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