Get Off The Roads

Look out world – the roads may no longer be safe.

Elise went for her Learners Driving Permit this afternoon and passed first time.

While waiting for her to complete the test, her mother being a bundle of nerves, did quite a bit of crochet as it kept her mind busy and her hands occupied rather than sitting there chewing her nails and hoping that we would not have to repeat the whole procedure.

Can I just say the the actual permit was the cheapest part of the whole deal at just under $20.  Never mind the $30 it cost me for an appointment at Vicroads!!

Next time you see me I may seriously have white hair and no nails let alone fingers from stressing over Elise’s driving.

I think I may turn into Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet) – from “Keeping Up Appearances” Fame and spend my days sitting beside Elise as she drives calling out warnings that there are pedrestrians, cyclists and buses on our route.

Only kidding………..I think.


7 thoughts on “Get Off The Roads

  1. “Mind the cyclist, Elise”…….you will survive this traumatic period, Catherine. Just think back to how confident you were when you got your licence…..that’s if you were. If not, disregard my advice….lol.

    Good luck to Elise, and the rest of the family.

  2. Good luck! Ayden turns 16 at the end of November and I am already hearing horror stories from his friends about their driving … Good on Elise for getting it first go

  3. Congrats on the permit. Think of all the chores you can now send her on like picking up last minute items that you need for making dinner etc, etc or picking up the other kids from friends homes or events.

  4. Well done for getting it first try elise. My miss almost 18 still hasn’t even shown any interest !!! Maybe the taxi drivers should go on strike.

  5. Congrats to Elsie for getting her permit. I remember how worrisome that time can be for the parents. I love Hyacinth Bucket and the rest of the family.

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