Wool and Motor Bikes

I have said everyday since I don’t know when that I’m going to blog today.  As you can see it still hasn’t happened.

As always, chaos reigns surpreme around here, especially since the holidays have started and we are leaving to go to Halls Gap for four days on Thursday which has meant the bus needs a thorough clean and has to be packed.  Throw in the usual grocery shopping – which I haven’t tackled yet, the purchase of a new camera (as mine fell off the bench “mysteriously” and now doesn’t work) and Mum’s birthday which is today and I’m not getting anywhere fast.

We have had two weekends where we have gone “bush” on Sunday’s  so Ashley and the kids can ride their new motor bikes.

The first weekend saw me gingerly perched behind Ashley as he promised me a ride. I wasn’t too sure if it was a good thing or not and he had to promise faithfully not to go to fast cause if I fell off there would be hell to pay.

Needless to say he was very careful but yes that is sheer terror on my face!!!!  The ride wasn’t too bad but it isn’t something I am to repeat too often.

The Awesome Foursome

The second weekend they all had their motorbikes so spent about four hours exploring out friends bush land where we also spend Easter collecting wood.  I sedately drove around in the go cart with Ajax tied in tightly so he didn’t fall out and Milly running beside me. The poor darling – Milly that is – was exhausted by the time we got home.

On the craft front I have been playing at crocheting and have done so much I ended up with a migraine this morning.  Should have stopped sooner but you know what it’s like when you are having fun playing.

I also, finally, got the sock yarn I hand dyed wound into balls but have put them away lest they tempt me away from other projects which need finishing first.

I had had some discussions with Karen as to how to dye the wool as it is a protein and needs different dyeing techniques to dyeing fabric.  Hmmmm – quick search of my books, reread Karens advice a couple more times  and I just made it up as I went along…vbg.

I had to soak the wool in a mix of 2/3 vinegar and 1/3 water making sure it was well and truly wet.  I squeezed out as much vinegar/water mix as I could, laid in a cat litter tray and drizzled Procion MX dyes over it where I wanted them.  Squished the wool a bit with my fingers to blend the colours and carefully laid the wool skein in the rice cooker steamer tray. Put the lid on and let it steam for a good 30 mins carefully turning it at the 15 min mark.  Pulled out the wool, gently sqeezed out any excess water and laid it in the litter tray again to cool.  When cold I soaked it in a tub of cold water over night then washed it gently by hand in warm water.  Rolled it all in a towel to get the excess water out and hung in front of the fire to dry.  The result – lovely soft  92% wool/8% acrylic sock yarn all ready to knit.

Might I add no animals were harmed in the dyeing of this wool but a rice steamer and pair of tongs were sacrificed in the pursuit of creativeness…roflmol.


7 thoughts on “Wool and Motor Bikes

  1. Oh WOW! WHAT a process to prepare the wool for knitting! Thanks for giving us the “brief” run-down of what it took to have an outcome of a lovely ball. I don’t think I would have gone to the length of what you did. Very lovely!

    By the looks of it, it’s no wonder that Milly was pooped out—those are tiny, short legs she had to run with! It sure looks like fun was had by all (even the panic-stricken lady on the back, hiding a smile of enjoyment!) vbg!

  2. Love the wool, nice subtle colours. Ha, ha at the fab four, they look so cool sitting there. The Go cart would be for me as well.

    Have fun on the vacation and be good 😀

  3. Sounds like dying wool is a chemistry project and a days work, but what a wonderful reward at the end.
    Looks like everyone is having lots of fun, and I hope you have a great weekend. Hope your headache was short lived.

  4. Oh, I do love those wools…the dyeing appears to have been more than successful. Please let’s see the socks when knitted (even if they have to be on your legs…..lol). Fantastic job, Catherine.

    Hope your weekend at Halls Gap is fun and relaxing and, above all, safe.

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