More “S” Things

Yes more things starting with “S” for todays post.

My socks are done.  Finished.  Being worn as I type.

They have to be the most comfortable warmest pair I own.  Of course I could be just a tad biased but hey – I’m allowed to be…vbg.  It was a real wrench to put down the needles and wool when I was finished them – but salvation was at hand.

My sock wool from The Simply Socks Yarn Company arrived in the mail at lunchtime.

As always no affils but their service has to be seen to be believed.  I ordered and paid for this wool on June 16th and it was here in my hot little hands on June 22.  Now that’s what I call fast turn around and to come all the way from one side of the world to another in such a short time – I’m so impressed.

I have also attempted to crochet some  Granny Spiral Squares with moderate success.  No photos (cause I forgot to take them ) but you can find the pattern here and trust me if I can manage it then you can.

I have discovered I enjoy crochet but give me the choice between knitting and crochet I will take knitting everytime.

Right off to check my wool that I’m dyeing and now steaming in my rice cooker. Photos soon – providing it all works the way I want it too.


5 thoughts on “More “S” Things

  1. I reckon someone somewhere has had words with either the European or Australasian end of the mail carrying system b/c things have been moving REALLy quickly for the last six months – esp when you factor in the time difference!

    Loving your sockage, I am halfway down the leg on a new one.

  2. The socks are simply grand Catherine, good job and I love the new sock yarn, can’t wait to see what they turn out like especially the lime green ones.

  3. Oh, groovy sock pic…are you looking for an international foot model position>>> Elle eat your heart out!!!
    Loved the bikie as well, Tracey

  4. I love the socks, Catherine. I’m going to have a go at knitting some for myself ….. you have inspired me.

    Please remember to take the wool out of the rice cooker before the rice goes in, won’t you?…lol

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