Things Beginning With “S”

Socks and scarves today.

I did have plans of blogging this post yesterday.  Bit of housework I thought, take Cleo to the vets for a check up following last weeks health scare (infected anal glands – trust me it’s not a pleasant condition and the procedure to fix the problem is even less so)  then on to hanging out washing, and then blogging.  Hah – should have known that my plans wouldn’t work out.  Got the washing out – at lunchtime – so of course it wasn’t dry.  Took Cleo to the vets – she got the all clear thank goodness then off to work with Ashley pulling wires through a motel roof to hook up the 18 new hot water services they are in the process of installing.  I didn’t get to knock off work until 3.15 pm and that was only cause I had to pick up kids from school.

Now forgive the leg of the model that is wearing this sock but I just had to show you my first sock.

I am soooooo proud of myself.  Remember I have never, ever, ever knitted socks before – yet it worked.  How good is that?

Just have to show you a side view.

Again forgive the models leg.  It’s incredibly hard to photograph socks on myself I have discovered.

Progress is happening with Sock Number 2…..

I’m pleased to report that since this photo was taken I have now finished the heel and am working on the foot heading towards the toes.   It’s so exciting seeing this wool transform before my eyes and from my needles.

Can I just say with all the clothes and even the few jumpers I have knitted I have never known such satisfaction from making something as I do with these socks. As a consequence I have bought more sock wool from here –  Simply Socks Yarn Company.  No affills and all that but they do have the most delicious range of sock yarns.  If the Aussie/American dollar was better I would be tempted to buy even more as there were lots there to tempt me.

The pattern I’m using for these socks is here at  I looked at heaps of tutorials and this one I have found to be the best.  Each part of the sock is a seperate step ie Casting on, The Cuff, The leg etc and is clearly explained and has loads of photos which show a novice like me just how to knit a sock easily.

Now the other part of the “S” post.

While I was sick I worked very hard on some scarves.

Remember the Keuropatra Snake Scarf?

Last time I photographed it I was up to here and I don’t mind admitting I began to wonder if it really was going to work the way I thought it would and the pattern said it would.

It did!!!!

This is an incredibly easy pattern to knit – depsite it’s appearance.  Ohh and the colours in this photo are more like the true colours – not sure what happened in that first photo.  You can find the pattern here at String or Nothing and trust me it is easy.

I also worked on the Easy Drop Stitch  Scarf in Bamboo.  Lovely and soft but the bamboo was a  real pain to knit with but the results are worth it.

The colour should show up as more a mint green – not this bluey green.  The pattern was fairly easy but I must have been really sick as I pulled out heaps mainly cause I stuffed up.  The pattern is a freebie and you can find it here at Frazzeled Knits.  It wasn’t the pattern that was hard might I add – but the bamboo that I used – very fine and slippery but worth it.  Each ball was only $1.99 Australian and it took less than 1 and a half balls to knit the length I wanted which is long enough to wrap around my neck or to tie loosely in a knot.  For those who like actual measurements it is 133 cm long.


2 thoughts on “Things Beginning With “S”

  1. Oooooo! Those colors are LOVELY! I suppose with the cooler temps coming for you, those socks saw their finish just in time. I’m not much of a knitter (okay, NEVER have knitted, nor have any intention to). I can’t imagine how easy or hard it is, but when I watch my MIL’s hands moving at lightening speed, I am amazed at how she (you all) can make any curves and corners.
    Good to see some progress and a HAPPY post from you. Everyone healthy! Yeah :0) (Well, except maybe Cleo?)

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