Kind of Here, Kind of Not

I will readily admit that during the past couple of weeks since everyone has been sick and are now back at work/school that my attitude to life and all it’s foibles, problems and hassels has been “Bugger Off World – I need some ME time”.  For once in my life I listened to what my body and mind needed and have done just that – taken lots of ME time.

Of course just because everyone else was back at work and school and reasonably on the mend didn’t mean that I was over the flu and I’m on the last lingering bits of it now.  It’s taken all this time to get my energy levels back and to a stage where I have actually felt like doing things.  The weather hasn’t helped – cold and cloudy with occassional showers but I won’t complain about those as we still desperately need rain.

I have managed to get the Seven Shirts, Seven steps quilt quilted and bound and it’s now residing in my car for those times when someone needs some quilty love and warmth.

I have also managed to get the 1930’s Follies quilt quilted and it has the binding machined on but still has to have it hand sewn down.

I’m not overly impressed with the quilting on each of these quilts but at least they are done. If I felt more picky I would be desperately dissappointed in my quilting as it really lets me down – but hey I’m not picky and not likely to be anytime soon.

There has been some serious knitting taking place around here.  Two scarves are done and one of a pair of socks.  As Elise said you need two socks for the project to be considered finished (fussy child) but I have started the second pair and they are progressing nicely.  I’m using this wool that I bought in Spotlight when I went to Bendigo with Elise for that specialist appointment.

Darn I wish I had bought more of it.  Not only was it cheap for sock yarn ($12.95 a ball) but it knits up beautifully and is so warm and cosy – yes I have tried the one sock on – just to see how it looked…vbg.  Photos soon I promise.  I would have taken photos today but the camera batteries are flat and Ashley has hidden the new batteries somewhere known only to him and I can’t find them.

Ohh and speaking of Ashley……………………………………. it’s his 39th Birthday today.

Of course he was thoroughly spoilt.  He received enough chocolate that it should last him a month – except Ashley is like me and we inhale chocolate so it will probably only last a week if he/we are good…vbg.  A new Wallace and Gromit DVD  and of course the new motor/dirt bike which arrived Saturday morning.

Ashley and James have been trying to find things to do together so they can have some “men time”.  I did suggest they garden/renovate the house but neither was too keen on that idea.  So Ashley (with lots of support from James) came up with the idea that they buy two new motor bikes so they “boys” can go off and play and spend some quality time together.   hmmmmmmm – I think I have been had somehow but if it keeps them happy and neither complains about the amount of sock yarn I’m tempted to buy then I guess it’s ok…..vbg.

Right back to the housework. I have vacummed the house – you should have seen  all the mud that was tracked in over the weekend and some more dusting. I have managed to thoroughly clean and rearrange the lounge room this morning and hang out three loads of washing so at least I’m getting somewhere.

Don’t be surprised if my blog posts are a bit on and off in the next little while.  I’m taking it easy and trying to finish a number of works in progress plus I have started to tackle the weeds and the garden again which is a massive job after so many months of neglect.  Still with the rain we have had at least the weeds are easy to pull out.

5 thoughts on “Kind of Here, Kind of Not

  1. Glad to see you are back on deck so to speak… I was starting to worry abit when you hadn’t appeared for such a long time… That wool does loook good doesn’t it… I wish I knew how to knit socks – I am still plowing onwards with P’s scarf – it just seems to be a never ending ball of wool… I too have my eye on some wool – I was going into the city to buy it this morning when I got a call from work – so that is where I have been all day :(… Once again glad to see that everyone is ok…

  2. I am a great believer in being self-ish, for if we don’t look after ourselves how can we look after anyone else. Me time is important and I am glad you have taken time for you.

  3. Happy belated birthday to Ashley. The dirt bikes sound good and it’s nice the boys can go off and do things together although perhaps the girls would like some dad time as well but a little fellow needs his dad.

    I haven’t been the best at posting lately either, it seems to come and go in spurts. Taking care of yourself is the main thing but it is good to hear from you 🙂

  4. Good to see you are listening to yourself and taking some time out just for you. I intend to do that during the holidays that are looming – Glad to hear you got some rain. My japanese iris are striking up some leaves in the fish pond and I think of you.

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