And The Little One Said….

…..roll over cause I have the flu too.

Yep in order of sickness we have…….

1.  Elise

2.  James

3.  Me

4. Nicola who jsut walked in the door in tears saying she has a migraine, feels sick and in general just wants to curl up and die.

So two guesses who is Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at Calidore’s house.

No it’s not me – my legs still feel like jelly and a new set of lungs wouldn’t go astray.

It’s Ashley who is so not impressed at being phoned and told to come home early as he has a dishwasher to unpack, a table to set, tea to cook and sick people to look after.

Poor darling.

If I didn’t feel like death warmed over I would even feel a bit sympathetic.

No I wouldn’t.  This Mum has gone on strike.

Aren’t you lucky germs can’t spread through the internet.


8 thoughts on “And The Little One Said….

  1. You poor things – although we have a ‘walking wounded’ here too – it is a bit scary really watching the telly and hearing yet another case of swine flu… Hope things pickup in the Calidore ark soon…

  2. Oh dear, hoping you feel better soon.

    (I don’t have much sympathy for Ashley either b/c you know if you show the slightest weakness he will plead ignorance and have you doing everything – or maybe that would happen just in my house? 😉

  3. Oh dear, poor you! I would bring you some soup but if I get sick again I’m pretty sure I’ll just dig myself a dying hole (Madagascar joke). I was in Swan Hill last night for the Comedy Festival Road Show. Someone told me that they have discovered swine flu has made it there? It could be just hysteria- I mean they would have let you know through the schools right? I hope you all recover soon, I think a weekend on the couch is in order!!

  4. Poor you, I’m feeling quite fortunate that my son’s flu didn’t spread to anyone in our household.

    Hope all of you get over it quickly. Ashley probably never catches anything because he’s out of the house all day at work, same thing with my husband when the kids were younger.

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