I Can’t Win

I woke up this morning happily contemplating the fact that I would have had four child free days where I was actually getting things done.  Tomatoes were pulled out of the freezer ready to be made into sauce.  All the other ingredients were collected and all I had to do was make the sauce and hang out some washing.  That’s it.

Hah – I should have known it wasn’t going to be that easy.

Last night the girls come home to tell me they had had their immunisations.  Elise had a tetnus shot – the one she missed out on because she was sick when they did the last round, and Nicola had her cervical cancer needle.  I woke Elise this morning  to the news that she was sick three times last night, had a migrane that was threatening to split her head open and her arm was swollen and sore.  Ok so she isn’t going to school today.

Nicola was fine apart from a sore arm and she did go to school.

James woke me at midnight to tell me he was dizzy and felt really sick and was still coughing and had a tempreture.  I dosed him up put him back to bed and decided then and there that he wouldn’t be at school today.  The newsletter that came home last night from the primary school said half the school was ill and the other half was coming down with whatever made the first half ill.  Terrific!!!!

So today I have started my sauce, done the washing and am about to go and knit a bit more on my new scarf. Yes another one.

I found this pattern on a Kureopatra Snake Scarf courtesy of String or Nothing and of course just had to have a go.

I have achieved this much so far and I only had to pull out the first section three times cause I stuffed up the knit one, purl one pattern.

It looks a bit complicated but now I have worked out the pattern it really isn’t very hard and best of all once you have 30 stitches on your needle (you increase slowly) you know you have done that section and it’s time to move on to the next.   Time will tell (as always) if it looks any good when I’m finished.

The theory behind the scarf is that it is based on a knitting pattern called Enterlac – you can find some good photographs and an excellent description on Wikipedia here.  I vageuly remember Grandma having a woolen rug knitted in this technique years ago and it fascinated me then – but not enough to try it with her guidence. Ohh the things I wish I had done while she was alive.  Now I’m busy playing with techniques that she would probably find pretty “old hat”.

If you want to have a little play with this technique there is a very good tutorial here at The Yarnpath with excellent photos.

Right off to stir the sauce, hand out cold drinks, wet facewashers, heat packs and dry biscuits and do some more knitting.

Have a lovely day

Head Nurse – Catherine

4 thoughts on “I Can’t Win

  1. Lordy, you do seem to get the sick ones Catherine. I hope this isn’t a set back for Elise and I hope James gets to feeling better soon.

    The scarf looks interesting, I didn’t realise you were such a good knitter. Strange to see scarves when it’s turning hotter over here.

  2. Glad you’re having fun with the thing. You COULD make a nifty rug from it by knitting a bunch of scarf-like strips, then seaming them together. 🙂 Let me know if the pattern gives you problems. -k.

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