Back To Normal

I confess that I have avoided blogging the past few days just in case something happens and Elise comes home again sick. I know that blogging and her illness truly have nothing in common – but I’m not taking any chances…vbg.

Yes the good news is that Elise is back at school and I think enjoying herself.  “Enjoyment” for a teenager is such a subjective term.  Either way she is back and with no signs, touch wood, of being ill. She is tired which is to be expected but is back to eating and drinking normally which is excellent.  There was quite a few moments of worry on both our behalves on her exams which are due to start shortly however I simply cannot still quite believe just how good her teachers and the school in general have been in helping her to work out what exams she needs to sit and in many instances they are working out strategies for her not to sit an exam but instead have make up test or essay in order to gain this half years marks.  So far she is coping very well with all that they have suggested and is working really hard to catch up on what she has missed.

I wish I could say the same for Nicola’s teachers.  We had Student Lead Conferences last night.  A whole 20 mins was spent looking at Nicola’s blog, which I might add is now a school requirement (it’s supposed to teach them something but I’m not sure what) and whether she enjoys posting to it.  Hmmmmmm.  Not sure what the whole idea is but I though that a whole lot more work could have been done to warrant the praise the teacher we saw was heaping on it.  Apparently Nicola’s blog is the best in the class.  I’m sorry – but if that’s the best then I’m afraid that the whole blogging idea just isn’t working.  Don’t get me wrong I’m very proud of Nicola and what she has done – but I also know that she could have done a whole lot more work and improved it heaps if she could just be bothered.  There doesn’t seem to be much direction from the teachers in what they expect the students to put in their blogs.  I then proceeded to ask the teacher about the discipline issues in the class – many students in it could be a best described “feral” – to which I was told just concentrate on your own child (who I might add wouldn’t dare to be feral) and let us worry about the rest. Well that’s all very well and good but when one of those children thinks it’s ok to throw a table across a room and another child thinks it’s acceptable to bully my daughter then I will be concerned with it.  In the end  I came home so angry and upset that I just had to ring Ashley and vent and he uttered the same wise words that he always does …. “You knew you would be beating your head against a brick wall of teacher silence when you went – so why are you now so upset when they have shown that the only person they are concerned with is themselves”.    Too true.  Nicola asked me to mention the bullying and ask what the teachers were doing about it before we went to the conference otherwise I possibly would have saved myself the stress.  In the end she is coping with it better than me and time will tell, as always, if any of the problems can be resolved. I keep reminding myself she is only there for another five and half years then these times will be behind us. Fortunately she has a very good group of friends who are very supportive and just straight out wonderful kids.

I have been filling my very quiet days with lots of quilting.  I cut batting for seven quilts on Monday and had one basted on the gammil Tuesday morning, another quilt quilted by mid afternoon Tuesday and yet another loaded and about 1/4 quilted by the time I picked up the kids Tuesday night. Not a bad days work.

Not long ago I succumbed to buying the Lazy Girl “Wonder Wallet”.

I never seem to be able to find a purse/wallet that I like and the one I’m using is well past it’s use by date.

I made up one wallet using the original pattern.

Not bad but a bit too small for all the treasures I carry.

So I experimented with making another wallet.

This was a much better size.

The length of the wallet is the same size as the original pattern as are the pockets for holding cards etc but I did make the width twice the size of the original and added a zip to the coin pocket as there is nothing worse, in my opinion, than hunting in the bottom of the bottomless pit I call a bag for some change.  I also sewed down the middle of the card pockets just to hold the cards in a bit better.

I have been using this wallet for a few days and it’s growing on me but I must admit to wanting to play around a bit more with the pattern and adding more card pockets as I seem to have a lot of cards that guaranteed if I don’t have them in the purse then I will need them.   Nicola has assured me that if I don’t want to use this wallet then she will have it……I think she could make her own and maybe blog it….but so far that idea has met some resistance…vbg.


7 thoughts on “Back To Normal

  1. Honestly? The teacher told you not to worry about the bullying??? OMG! Did they have to tie you down? Surely the school’s policies and procedures outline what happens when there are instances of bullying? Go above the teacher’s head and speak with the principal and if that doesn’t work then go find someone to talk to at the education department or something!

    Don’t be fobbed off, they have a duty of vcare towards your daughter and if she is being bullied they need to address it. On their part doing nothing is NOT acceptable.

  2. Omg, that’s horrible that she’s being bullied! They are supposed to have a no tolerance policy of bullies!! Definitely go to the principal and ask the hard questions on exactly what they are doing about it. 5 years can seem like a very long time in High school- longest years of my life (and I didn’t have any problems)!!
    Grrr… bullies make me so angry, little shits need a good kick up the proverbial! I hope it can all be sorted out for Nicola.
    And I’m really glad Elise is back to normal! What a great relief for you!

  3. Being a teacher, I’m 100% in support of what Kristie said…
    Depending on the “personality” of the school, the principal might feel s/he needs to be supportive of the teacher, BUT, it doesn’t hurt to try. Sometimes there are just some down-right BAD teachers (just like BAD doctors) out there and they NEVER should have received an educator’s license! (ASK me how I know?!?!?!) I was SO glad when two individuals finally retired out of our school; I will admit that too many teachers turn a blind-eye to bullying because they just don’t want to deal with the parents (of the “little shits who needs the good butt-kickin!”) because often, the parents are just as bad (DUH! Where do you think those bullies learn it??) It’s so frustrating!

    I’m catching up on the last two weeks so I’m glad to hear that Elise is better, but I’m also sorry that the family is down-n-out with the flu.

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