Another Potatoe Chip Scarf

Remember that Potatoe Chip Scarf I made for Nicola a few weeks back???

Being the kind and generous daughter that I am I passed on the pattern for  Mum to try the other week.

You would think that will all the knitting experience that my mother has had she would realise just what the pattern would be like wouldn’t you?


Not a chance.

Talk about whinge and complain about how many needles she had to spread the stitches over by the time she finished. Not to mention the complaints about how long it took to knit each row.

Well I did warn her!!!!

You can’t say my Mum isn’t a glutton for punishment though.  Haveing finished the first scarf and NOT thanking me for passing on the pattern she proceeded to make another.

The woman is insane – one scarf was more than enough for me.

This is her second attempt. Sorry the photo isn’t clearer – my camera is playing up.

Now Mum said to make sure that I told you all that she used cheap wool – just to try it out.  She also used big needles – bigger than the wool called for.  She also did the scarf in reverse.

Yes – reverse.

Mum worked out how many stitches you would end up with if you knitted it the “normal” way.  Cast on those stitches then proceeded to knit two stitches together every second row until she was down the amount of stitches that the pattern said to cast on before beginning knitting.

Does that make sense.

Bascially the pattern calls for 90 stitches to be cast on.  Every second row you knit into the front and back of each stitch thereby doubling  your number of stitches in every second row.  By the time you have finished you will have to cast off 720 stiches.

Mum’s way you cast on 720 stitches, knit two together every second row until you have only 90 stitches left and then cast those off.


Or so she tells me.

I’m not about to knit another one just to find out.

There’s only so much self inflicted insanity a girl can cope with each week….lol.

Have a lovely weekend.

2 thoughts on “Another Potatoe Chip Scarf

  1. LOL, the scarf is lovely she did a good job and in a way I can see her reasoning behind casting on that many stitches and working down. The reasoning being that when you start off a project you’re all gungho but then run out of oomph at the end.

    I’m thinking she thought that the scarf would get easier by the end rather than harder. It’s possible it was easier to knit that way as well but I don’t know and I’ll never know because no way am I going to try that scarf vbg.

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