A Bit More Wool

I just have to show you what I bought in Bendigo when Elise and I were there Thursday.

Not that we did a whole lot of shopping – too much on our minds and a much to early start  -but what are two girls to do when faced with all the loveliness but buy a little of it.

Would you believe I did not buy a single peice of fabric. I looked but there was just nothing there that really grabbed me.  Wool was the temptress this time.

This is 60% Bamboo and 40% wool mix.  Lovely and soft and the sheen it has is amazing.  I found a pattern on Raverly for an Easy Drop Stitch Scarf (you will have to be a member of Raverly to see the pattern I’m afraid) but it looks super easy and just right for a lovely light weight scarf.

Wool destined for an unknown project.  I just had to buy two balls, that’s all there was of this colour and I fell in love with it and since it was on special at $3 per ball, I thought I did quite well. I’m thinking along the lines of either another beanie (how many do I need to knit before I get sick of the pattern I wonder) or possibly another scarf.

This was definately an impulse buy.  One ball makes one pair of self patterned socks – well at least I hope they resemble socks when I’m finished.  I have never, ever knitted socks before but seeing all the beautiful socks on the net and checking out even more patterns on Raverly I’m going to have a go.

I have a confession to make though.  Hopefully I will be able to wear them when they are done. You see I have very sensitive feet. Incredibly ticklish feet.  My Grandmother knitted me a pair of socks once – I couldn’t wear them.  They hurt.  All those little bumps in the knitting and from memory the wool was quite thick..  I can’t wear those massage sandals – you know the ones with all those little bits that stick up that massage your feet – those ones.  They hurt. Hopefully these socks won’t hurt – the wool is lovely and fine and a really yummy colour.  If by some chance I can’t wear them I will frame them…..vbg…just to show that I can make socks too.  Yes I know………. I’m weird…..but then I never professed to be normal whatever normal is these days.

On the knitting front I have been working on my version of the Shalom Cardigan.  This is the most stunning pattern I have seen for ages and Meghan the designer, is incredibly talented.

Meghan’s cardigan is in a small size so me being me, just used bigger needles and knitted it using the same number of stitches and hoped for the best. Of course I didn’t knit a swatch first like good knitters do.  I would much rather knit on the edge – “Knit  Dangerously” describes my knitting efforts.  I did try it on though when I had done the first couple of rounds of the body and it fits beautifully.  Whew – wiping brow here.  Now just to finish it.  Another confession – the wool is some from one of the cheap shops and I estimate that it will have only cost me around $15 to knit this – not bad for a first time effort. If I really, really love it and can’t live without it I will buy some better quality wool next time and make another.

3 thoughts on “A Bit More Wool

  1. i have only one thing to say. lad, you are brave!
    my first pair of socks came out like, well, lets just say they were bad. best of luck with yours that sock yarn b gorgeous x

  2. Oh I love all this wool! You have reminded me I have a pair of socks (my first)still not finished from last winter!!! better get them out and get going! Looking forward to seeing that cardigan finished and on.

  3. Nice yarn, the next best thing to buying yourself is to watch other people spend the money and get it vbg.

    I have a ton of sock yarn as well and have yet to make a pair, I just keep putting it off but I must get around to it at some point. I tried one and got to the heel and gave up. Not that it’s hard just one of those stubborn things that I’m going to have to force myself to figure out.

    The sweater will be gorgeous when you’re done.

    I guess it’s cooler over there right now so the urge to knit surfaces. When it gets warmer you’ll be back to fabric.

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