Home Again and The Verdict

I have quite literally walked in the door not more than 10 minutes ago.  Elise and I had a really good trip down and back with not much traffic which made it so much easier.

The specialist was lovely – a Scot by his accent and very thorough.  He did a full exam of Elise, listened to her heart, lungs etc.  Checked for anything unusual in her stomach and even checked her armpits for any lumps and took a brief family history of any major illnesses.

His verdict – that Elise is a fine and healthy sixteen year old and he can find nothing wrong with her.  He thinks that she has had a viral illness which can affect the blood test results and has ordered another blood test in a weeks time for her just to make sure everything is ok. Her liver I might add he said was quite normal.

He highly recommended that she stop any and all the medication she is on including the pill which were all supposed to help with the pain and migranes that her period gives her and just see how she goes for a while.  As he said a woman’s cycle is one that will sort itself out in time and a mild pain killer will be far better for the headaches without the side effects of all the other stronger stuff.  If was his opinion, that while all these medicines are dished out very readily, it’s the very heavy handed approach to a normal part of a woman’s life.  He also said that he is writing to Doctor M. (who is now away for two months on holidays) with his verdict and his recommendations.

One plus side was that Elise has lost quite a bit of weight in being so ill and he did say that was a good thing as her previous weight put her in the overweight range and did suggest she could loose another 10 kilograms without any problems. Elise was not amused!!!

So now I feel like I’m in limbo. On one hand I am enormously relieved that there is nothing seriously wrong with Elise and that we didn’t have to go further with tests and hospitalisation but on the other I feel a bit lost. It’s like we have got to a t-intersection and now are not sure which is the right way to turn. One way leads to school and just getting on with life – the other way leads to asking more questions which may or may not end up with any answers.

I’m leaning heavily towards the school and getting on with life direction but I can’t help worrying that what if this illness rears it’s ugly head again?    I guess all we can do is take one day at a time and live our lives as they are meant to be lived – with joy and anticipation of what life has to offer us.  Can you tell I’m tired?  Now I’m waxing lyrical….sigh.

Thank you all for your lovely emails and comments of support. I’m off to light the fire and make another cuppa.

Normal programming will resume soon – I hope.


11 thoughts on “Home Again and The Verdict

  1. Take his advice, resume normal life and trust your instincts as a Mum, you will know if Elise isn’t managing and if she becomes ill again and if that happens you go back to the doctor again and request a referral to another doctor and keep asking questions. With any luck it was just a virus and she will soon be back to her own self!!

  2. So pleased to hear nothing major showed up in any of the tests. Head directly for normal life, don’t borrow the trouble it will find you if it needs to.

    My belief is that in our ‘rush, rush, hurry hurry’ society we don’t give ourselves enough time to recuperate from anything. Resume normal life but take the light version for a little while maybe.

  3. a man with a scottish accent could tell me to jump off a bridge and I would do it….
    Viruses can last for ages. I say go back to normal but keep a watchful eye (I know you do that anyway). Keep lots of notes for a while at least, just in case.
    Heres hoping it is out of her system for good.

  4. That’s all good news Catherine. You have had a scare, but it is wise to continue on and then deal with any other issues as they arise. Rest and relax

  5. I too suffer from horrible migraines related to my period. I am 39 and have always had them but about 5 years ago they took a horrible turn for the worse. I take lots of meds that make me able to function–I don’t think it is at all normal to have to put up with the pain. So I hope whatever meds help she takes…find a doctor that is more sympathetic if you have to. My nuerologist said that migraine suffers have a high rate of suicide due to the pain and feeling of hopelessness that comes with never ending pain…no one should have to suffer through them. My heart goes out to Elise.

  6. Sounds like answered prayer to me. I’ll continue to pray that you both can walk in the joy of the moment,that the migraines will lessen, and that if further steps need to be taken, you will “know” which way to go.

  7. Sounds to me like you’ve done everything humanly possible for now, with a good result. I’m very glad it has turned out so well for you!
    My brother had something similar when he was about 16- was sick with no apparent cause for about 5 months. In the end (after a lot of tests including a lumbar puncture) the doctors decided it was something viral and it went away by itself. He’s now at uni having a great time 🙂 You’ve done well, I think you should try to relax and be happy at the outcome!

  8. Hmmm, welcome to living on a tightrope!! You get used to it and you REALLY appreciate it when everything is running well-and no-one’s falling off!!
    So pleased that the news is good, love Tracey

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