Look What I Received

I have had a pretty rocky weekend all things considered.  Physically, emotionally and mentally I hit the proverbial wall and this morning when I woke and contemplated all that had to be done I really did want to crawl back into bed and hide from the world.  Alas the alarm went off and my day began.

Imagine my surprise when the mail arrived this morning and this beautiful care package arrived from Lise.

Lovely warm socks for Elise (in colours that she loves) and chocolate.  So much for Elise being sick she has already eaten one and she tells me she is feeling fine. Could chocolate be the new cure for her illness I wonder?  Ahh if only it was that easy.

A stunning card with the nicest message inside it, a Magazine which I’m itching to read, a beautiful stitchery of lavender which along side roses are my favorite flowers and chocolates for me. You will note my choccies aren’t opened – I’m waiting until  I can eat them in peace with no one asking can they have a bite….wicked grin.

Thank you Lise so much.  You have made my day and my week so much brighter all thanks to your thoughtfullness.


4 thoughts on “Look What I Received

  1. Oh, I feel terrible!! My life has been mental and I didn’t realise your girl was still sick!
    My heart goes out to you…mine is lying on the couch, but it is just a cold that has lasted 3 weeks after a tummy bug that lasted 2…etc etc-mine just has no immune system, yours sounds like she is really worrying you. Hoping the latest news is good, drop me aline with an update, you don’t need to be upbeat to me!!!love Tracey

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