A Tiny Bit of Crochet

Now before I show you a couple of photos of what I have been working on can I just say for the record that I can’t crochet.  Well at least I didn’t think I could.

My Grandmother, who did the most beautiful crochet from delicate doileys to heavy woolen rugs, tried to teach me once or twice when I was very young. I think, from memory,  I managed the basics and that was about it.

Many years later my sister tried to teach me and ended up throwing my crocheted efforts, wool and hook across the room in disgust.  Which kind of gave me the impression that I was a  hopeless case when it came to the  fine art of crochet.

Not too long ago I found this hat pattern on Kraemer Yarns.  You will have to scroll down to the Betty and Bonnie hat to see it. It’s next to the Tam-topper which I am seriously tempted by.

Anyway back to the subject of discussion.  I was intrigued.  Tempted even.  Finally I decided I could do it.  After all the net is a wonderful place full of easy to follow videos and instructions on how to do the most complicated of crochet stitches – right.  Absolutely.

I made one hat but the wool was wrong, the hook was wrong and it ended up a rather tight affair which only fits on Nicola’s small head so needless to say it won’t be featured here as I’m too embarrassed by it.

Now can I just say that like drawing lines on bits of fabric – doing knitting or crocheting swatches to work out the guage is not my strong point. I would also like to say a huge thank you to Karen (waving at you…grin) for sending me a detailed email on how to work out the guage and all that kind of thing.  Did I follow your email I can hear you ask???  Well sort of.

I used a different wool/acrylic which feels a bit like cotton.  I used a huge crochet hook ( 6.00 mm) and just winged it.

It worked!!!

Well at least I think so. The hat fits very nicely and isn’t too tight which I loathe.  It is lovely and  light to wear although the only down side is that all three kids have said that if I wear it out in public they will all disown me instantly and Ashley (smart man that he is) is reserving judgment on the off chance that the wrong remark will see him going without clean clothes or food for a week or so……only kidding…I think.

The pattern called for two rows of scalloped edges but I figured that just doing one was enough plus I didn’t want to push my luck too far.  Sorry the photo isn’t clearer. Nicola was the camera person and I was trying to hold still and see what she was doing all at the same time.

I am very pleased with my efforts and have been trolling the world wide web to see what else I can make.

Ohh and for the record the hat uses half double crochet and double crochet which I might add I find easier than single crochet.


3 thoughts on “A Tiny Bit of Crochet

  1. G’day, Wow I just love that hat… I made one myself last week but I think I like yours better… great style… I’m heading for the pattern now… there is an absolute wealth of free patterns out there just google ‘free crochet patterns’ & you will be amazed. I started back crocheting a few weeks ago & am having a ball.
    I had to laugh at your kids comments… I think mine said about the same about mine but maybe a wee bit more colourful but not for publication… ha ha
    Happy Hooking… Bethel of Bethania

  2. Wow! That’s a great hat. I’ve tried corcheing (is that even a word?!) and found it so hard! You’ve done really, really well- and you should be the one ashamed to go out with the kids who are too ashamed to go out with that hat 🙂

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