Come Fly With Me

I have made good progress with my Flying Geese Blocks.

They have gone from this……

To this……

To this……

To This…..

I had to be careful that all my geese were flying in the right direction.  Mind you by this time I wasn’t sure which direction was the right one.

I had lots of supervision….

Until  I got to this……

when I was abandoned in favour of sleeping on my sewing chair.

I added a yellow border and ended up with this….

Now I just have to quilt it. Ohh and the whole table runner is destined to end up on top of the TV cabinet (the dusty one in the back ground) in the hopes it will help to hide some of the dust and protect the cabinet a bit more.

PS  I forgot to add that the magazine where I got the idea from used this method for sewing the flying geese units together. I couldn’t work it out from the magazine (so did the old method of sewing triangles to triangles) but having seen this tutorial it now makes more sense.    Even so I don’t know that I would use this method as I am seriously not into drawing lines on fabric and then cutting them up.  Just one of my little quirks.

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