A Specialist Appointment

I think I’m still on a high.

I had Doctor M. on the phone again this afternoon – he wanted another blood test done tonight as he found yet another of Elise’s blood tests on file on his computer.  Some bits were within normal range and others were not so he called for yet another excursion to the hospital and a date with a needle much to Elise’s disgust – he is definitely on her “Not my Favorite Person List”…vbg.

When the results come in tomorrow  he was going to contact the Specialist however the Specialists Receptionist rang tonight (at 6.30 pm of all times) to organize an appointment for 12.30 pm next Thursday the 21st of May so now I’m wondering if Pathology fast tracked the tests for him.

Either way I don’t care.  We have an appointment, at a reasonable time so neither of us have to crawl out of bed at the crack of dawn – Bendigo is a 2 hour drive for us, and at last we may get some answers.

I’m so happy and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders just in knowing we may be one step closer to an answer.

To add to the over all joy of the day Elise’s Maths teacher called in tonight with some work for her to go on with and a promise that he would do some one on one tutoring to get her through the chapter the class is working on at the moment as he said it will be far too complicated for her to tackle on her on.   Now that’s what I call a dedicated teacher – especially when you consider that one of his family members is very, very  ill at the moment and he is spending every spare minute travelling so he can be by that persons bedside.  Please if you don’t mind, keep him in your prayers too – no names I know but God will know who he and his family are.

Off to make a cuppa and celebrate with Ashley.


4 thoughts on “A Specialist Appointment

  1. Well that’s something to be thankful for. I’m sorry she needs more tests, I hate them too! Hopefully this specialist will know what’s going on and you can sort out the action plan from there, good luck!

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