A little of This and not a lot of That

Firstly can I just say a HUGE thank you from both Elise, myself and the family on your well wishes and prayers for Elise’s recovery.  Honestly I have sat with tears in my eyes at the support that has been given and still can’t quite beleive that I am part of this wonderful blogging world. I have tried to thank everyone personally but if by some chance I have missed you please take this as our personal thanks.

Of course what’s a girl to do when she is going out of her mind with worry – start another quilt of course.

I have had a charm pack of Moda “Maypole” fabrics in the cupboard for ages.  The fabric is so scrummy that I really didn’t want to use it at all but use it I must.

I decided on a Disappearing Nine Patch with very controlled colours.  The charm pack was sorted into groups of five and I pulled more fabrics from my stash to add the control part.

Then, with great trepidation,  I cut and sliced each nine patch block .  Scary stuff.

But the results were worth it.

Elise and I decided to do alternate blocks in a black/dark grey (which I dyed)  to set off the wonderful colours so now I am just waiting for the fabric to finish soaking in the rinse water then I can start putting this quilt together.  I am leaning towards hand quilting it in pearl cotton but am not making a final decision until the entire quilt top is together. It won’t be huge – more a generous lap quilt but I am really pleased with it so far.

Then cause I am waiting for the dyed fabric I just had to start another project.  More details soon but it begins with lots of Flying Geese units.  Just the kind of fairly mindless sewing I need at the moment.


5 thoughts on “A little of This and not a lot of That

  1. Oh my goodness—it seems that I have missed quite a bit lately. Having caught myself up, I am also sending out caring hugs for the road to recovery!

    And—what FUN THERAPY you chose to allow yourself! I have to chuckle that you share the same “fear and concern” that many of us do when we buy charm packs (or noodles, or nicely packed fat-quarters, etc…) The fabric always looks so pretty packaged up so nicely that you just don’t want to bust into it. However—-THAT’S WHAT WE BUY IT FOR! Lovely fabrics with loads of color!

    Have a wonderful time putting the rest of this one together (and the other one that got a quick start, as well…)

  2. I have issues with the sock monkey charm squares I bought and can find nothing to match with them. I think I see a disappearing 9 square in my near future 😉

  3. DNP is a great quilt to do – far more bang for your buck with such maximum results for minimum brain input!
    It looks great.

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