Want Something New To Read???

I have just finished reading the new Tamora Pierce Book “Bloodhound” which, like all of her books that I have read, I thoroughly enjoyed.  Fast paced action, extremely well written and a book that will be read over and over again.  Best of all it took me nearly four days to read.  Yes I did have interuptions but a book that lasts me that long (as I tend to devour them) is a good book.

I was searching the net trying to find out when the next book in the Beka Cooper Series  (scroll to the bottom of the links page to see the books) would be out when I stumbled across this site…...Fan Fiction.

Now on the off chance you have finished all the books you have borrowed from the library.  There is nothing on your book shelves that interests you.  It’s pouring outside and it’s midnight so a quick trip to the local book store is out of the question and you can think of nothing better than curling up with a good book then check out Fan Fiction.  It is a site where amateur writers can, many it seems in the style of their favorite writers, create stories for others to read.  There are all sorts of genres there so you can find your favorite sort to read. Personally I have been checking out the Tamora Pierce “stories” which are off shots of her books and am thoroughly enjoying myself.  The only draw back is that you can only read them on the net and therefore you need your computer or lap top – but as I have been crawling into bed fairly early of late with my laptop (rather than a book) it’s been an easy transition and just as satisfying.

I think so far I have read about a half dozen stories – all wonderfully written and thoroughly entertaining.  The majority have been 10 chapters or more so you get a decent story to sink your teeth into.  A little tip I have found is that you should  search for complete stories as I couldn’t imagine anything worse than waiting for a story to be updated although you can join Fan Fiction and be updated when the author posts a new chapter.

No affils and all that but check it out – you never know what you might find and best of all it’s free.


4 thoughts on “Want Something New To Read???

  1. well..i have no idea who this author is. Anyway..reading ur experience brings a wave of dejavu to me. I was exactly in that kind of state after finishing HARRY POTTER series. I just couldnt read any other fantasy book since none fanned my imagination like mrs. Rowling. I too ended up living in fanfiction sites for months. lol.

    Anyway, i still encounter that ‘harry potter syndrome’ albeit in lesser dose. I will check up on this author too. ur blog blooms.

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