More Blood Tests

I have hesitated about writing this post for lots of reasons.  I guess I would like my blog to be upbeat and cheerful but to be honest I know that it isn’t always. I would like my blog to be a crafty or gardening blog – but it’s more than that.  The absolute truth is my blog is about me and my family and it will probably always stay that way.

I also don’t ask for much. It’s one of those things about me that I have a great deal of trouble asking for help – whether practical or otherwise.  But this time I am asking for help – mainly for Elise but also for my family.

You see Elise is still sick.  Very sick.  Able to drag herself around the house and do a bit of homework but also sick enough that she drops off to sleep at anytime without warning.  On Saturday she was ill again before she went to work but spent most of the day there until she was sick again at work.  Since then she has either spent the days in bed or lying on the couch with the worst flu symptoms I have seen for a long time.

After another blood test last week we had to see the Doc on Tuesday  which was supposed to be the final check up after last terms unexpected four weeks sick leave from school.  Unfortunately it wasn’t as good a result as we or the Doctor would like.

Dear Doctor M. who has been a tower of strength and is leaving no stone untured to get to the bottom of what is wrong with Elise, rang a specialist in Bendigo to find out what he should test for in the next blood test that she had to have.  Her liver function has, in the last five blood tests she has had, only been in the normal range once and that’s enough to trigger alarm bells in Doc M.   He is concerned that there may be something wrong with her liver but until we get the results of the blood tests and a 24 hour urine test we won’t know.  There is a good chance at this stage that we will have to travel to Bendigo in the near future to see this specialist.  Doc M. also admitted that he would very rarely get a case like this and he is not prepared to just sit back and see how things go when he knows there are Doctors out there more knowledgeable than he in these areas.  He also admitted that we are possibly in for a long and drawn out saga to get Elise back to full health.

So as much as I don’t like to ask for help I’m am going to.  Please, whatever your faith or whatever you believe in,  please keep Elise in your thoughts and prayers in the next little while.  I shall try not to let all this take over this blog but I’m sure you will understand that Elise’s health and well being it at the forefront of my mind at the moment.  The family are coping well and Ashley, Nicola and James are a tower of strength.  While Ashley will never admit that he is worried, he is taking the view that until we know what is going on – worrying about the worst case scenario is not the way to go.  Deep down I know he is right – but many of you will know what it’s like when you are a Mum – the worst case scenario is the one that plays through your mind in the deepest, darkest  hours of the night when the house is quiet and you are awake and can’t sleep.

Thank you all so much for your friendship and your blogs.  You are all my daily dose of sanity.



18 thoughts on “More Blood Tests

  1. How horrible for you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do- I only live down the road remember! I’ll be thinking of you and your family (until they figure out that it’s something that can easily fixed and she’ll be right as rain). You do need to resist that Motherly instinct, sometimes it does us no favors! Just keep thinking she’ll be fine!

  2. It’s your blog and you should talk about whatever you need to talk about. With your blog you can be assured that you have prayers for Elise coming from around the world.

  3. I am not so good for the organised religion gods but I will be thinking positive thoughts for Elise and all your family from here on in.

    Your blog is what you want it to be so please remember we read for your words not what you achieve.

  4. Poor Elise! And poor you too, what a worrying time. Thanks for sharing it all – it DOES help to have extra thoughts pouring in from around the world.
    Keep us posted. But remember – Mallee Girls are tough, Elise will be right!!
    Hugs and love,

  5. Catherine, just to let you know you & your family are in my thoughts and prayers here in Maine-USA!! I will also light a candle for you. Debbie (Maine) USA

  6. Dear Catherine of course it goes without saying that you and yours are surrounded by only the best of the best thoughts and prayers and you are all cocooned with love… Take care Sharon – Melbourne xxxxx

  7. Use your blog to unload your worries, it helps to actually write these things own instead of having them whizzing around your head. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

    Di in the UK

  8. My prayers will hold your daughter up, asking for her good health to return.
    A blog can be a personal journal, a place where you can share your joy and a place to share your fears. A good listening board.

  9. Praying for healing for Elise and peace for the rest of you!!!!!!!!
    Have you also tried a natropath – I know a good one if you need a name, not far from me in Koondrook
    Big hugs

  10. God and I are not generally on speaking terms but I am thinking of you all. I like the sound of your Doctor, he sounds like he is determined to get Elise well again.
    Let us know if there is anything we can do .

  11. blog about what you want to blog it is your to write what you want and we will choose to read what we want…….don’t feel you “have” to post certain things………..
    Hope all goes well for Elise and she is improving soon…….very worrying though…….

  12. My heart goes out to you. I understand a bit of what you’re going through as you know. Poor old Elise is really going through the mill and I sincerely hope you get to the bottom of this soon. No-one ever told us how hard it was being a Mum did they ? xxxx

  13. Oh, gorgeous lady, I’m so sorry I about this. I wish I had discovered your blog earlier so that I could have sent you well wishes when they were most needed. Please don’t be afraid to tell us about this kind of thing- it’s what makes you human and gives depth to your blog. I would love to be kept updated about Elise’s health- my thoughts are with her, and you, and your family. xxx

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