A Busy Week full of Nothingness

It’s been a week were life has been busy but I’m not sure of what exactly I have achieved.  I was doing so well with my blogging then it all went to hell in a hand basket again.

I had two days down the street last week.  The first was supposed to be a 10 minute trip down to put my car in for a service.  Ashley followed me down and on the way home we passed the store that sells white goods, phones etc.  Joking I said we should call in and buy me a new washing machine.

He Did!!! Not only did Ashley stop in front of the store but he also bought me a new washing machine – a Maytag semi industrial washer.  No fancy buttons or lights or five million different wash options. It has three wash options and the only bell it has is the one signaling the end of the wash which is also loud enough I can hear it in the sewing room.  Best of all it washes brilliantly and in half an hour no less for a load – way better than the front load which took over an hour and was seriously starting to have issues again.  I think I’m in love.  So that was the end of that day.

Ohh and his main reason for calling in at the store was that he wanted a new work phone but as luck would have it a friend of ours that works there and is also the main phone salesman happened to the standing in the middle of the washing machines when we caught up with him. See it was fate I had a new machine and yes he did get a new phone as well.

The next day I had to drive to Piangil (about 30 mins away) to drop off two small plastic washers and four small metal parts for the job Ashley was working on.  I would have been a bit peeved off except it was a lovely day, I bought lunch and we got to sit beside the river to eat.  Coming home I even mananged to get the groceries done.

A Doctors visit (just a routine check up) took up the next morning and by then it was the end of the week.  Elise was feeling a bit off Friday night – the beginnings of the flue.  She was sick before she went to work Saturday morning but was fine while she was there until after lunch when she was sick again.  Thank heavens the manager there is a very caring lady and has assured Elise that her job is safe and just to get better.  Mind you Elise was on registers when she felt really ill but served all the customers lined up (and there was a lot) before she bolted for the stairs and the loo.

So of course Elise hasn’t been at school or work placement (work experience) for the last two days.  Luckily we have a Doctors appointment tonight – it was supposed to be the last one to give her the all clear after her recent illness but now it looks like it is well and truly needed.  She had another blood test earlier last week so the Doctor could check that she was well and everything was back to normal.  Hmmm not quite sure what normal is anymore.

I have been trying to sew.  I would like to do a local market and have been slowly getting stock together.  There was a market scheduled for last Saturday but it was raining and I had already decided not to start with such a big market.  It’s all outdoor and standing in the rain for several hours is not my idea of fun not to mention the really early start to get there – try 6 pm or earlier.  Either way there will be plenty more opportunities and I can take my time getting ready for them plus I would like to dye some more fabric to have a good range on display.   There is a market on in Swan Hill in a week or so and I may try for that one. Not such an early start and it’s only until lunch time which will suit better.

Apart from that not a lot is happening.  A bit of gardening – ie pull out the occassional weed.  No housework to speak of but lots of washing…vbg and even a bit of knitting.  Reading is fairly high on the list at the moment as I’m just too tired to even think of doing anything strenuous.  Life will get back to normal – just not sure when.  Hopefully soon.  In the mean time I have been reading blogs and admiring all you have been achieving.  Well done all of you.


3 thoughts on “A Busy Week full of Nothingness

  1. Kudos on scoring a new washing machine. I have a maytag as well, very simple and it’s supposed to have less parts to break down so more reliable.

  2. gosh you have been busy again!! Congratulations on the new washing machine, something we cannot do without with our busy lives and families. Hope Elise is feeling a little better again. She’s had a rotten time of it lately.

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