Just a Spot of Knitting

Of course with the cooler weather comes the overwhelming desire to start knitting again. Just a bit of knitting I thought.  Not to much. I don’t want to go overboard.  Hah!!! Famous last words.

I found this easy – roll brim beanie pattern which I love and adore about the time Elise became really ill.  Honestly if you haven’t tried knitting a beanie use this pattern. It works on maths – yes I know scary stuff – but trust me it really does work and once you have made one beanie you will be hooked.  Best of all you can use whatever size circular  needles you have lying around and what ever wool which – ahem – I seem to have in bag and bucket fulls and it will work.  I know circular needles sounded scary to me too but honestly they are so easy to use and are definitely my preferred method of knitting now.  So light and portable and I haven’t yet had my knitting slip off them plus they are just the right size to tuck into the glove box of my car so I can knit while waiting for the kids after school.

The pattern is so easy that even Elise, during her weeks at home while ill, had a go and she managed just fine and now has a beanie which she might or might not wear depending on the teenage mood of the moment.

I found more wool the other day while shopping and restricted myself to just two balls although I feel a need to buy more as it is simply scrummy  and had this much of the beanie knitted by bedtime.

By the following evening the beanie was knitted.

Then Sunday night after reading Karen’s blog and checking out her fabulous new wool purchases I popped over to where she bought her wool from.  Knitpicks along with their amazing looking wool  – and no I haven’t bought any – also has free patterns on their site  so of course I had to look at them.

There was one that caught my eye in particular. Well ok to the name has to do with food so of course I was interested.  What – that was a surprise????  The Potato Chip Scarf pattern looked interesting and I just had to have a go.

It was easy but I ended up with the knitting spread over three needles as I just didn’t have a circular needle in needle size I wanted which can I say would have made the entire venture so much easier and a lot less stressful to my hands, elbows and shoulders.

Finally I finished it about 9.30 pm.  It wasn’t hard but when you consider that as you knit into both the front and back of every stitch you are effectively doubling the amount of stitches you have on your needles every second row.

I started with 120 stitches and eneded up with 1920 stitches to cast off . It took forever but the end result was worth it.  Nicola loves her new scarf and I’m pretty darn pleased that I tried something different.

Knittingly yours


PS  More rain last night which overflowed the gutters – again!!!  Lovely.  I have spent the morning in the garden transplanting some wall flowers and planting up the vegie garden.


7 thoughts on “Just a Spot of Knitting

  1. Loved reading your blog. I am so entranced by your country. Would so love to see it. We have traveled to many countries, but Australia is so far away. I an in Oklahoma City, OK. Can or will you send me the directions for the potato chip scarf. Several gals in our quilt group are also knitters. We sometimes take a very short break from quilting! I have seen these neck scarves, but never the directions. I am going to Boy Scout Camp this June in the mountains of New Mexico and would love to make some of these while I am there.

    Thanks so much and happy quilting!
    dixie grosshans

  2. Loved the potato chip pattern (Dixie it is a download – click on the link that Cal made) and Nicola looks lovely in it.
    Here are some more knitting inspirations for you to try out:
    I can’t make up my mind which one to tackle (tho that might give you a clue – it IS The Sweetheart’s birthday tomorrow. Or I could knit him a birthday suit. That would be easy…
    PS Not enough rain here either, but the gutters DID overflow for a while. Even tho I cleaned them out!

  3. Oh dear, if I hadn’t got enough to catch up on already I’ve saved the ‘beanie’ pattern to my favourites!!! Now, I haven’t knitted for over 20 years (and I wasn’t very good then) but I like the idea of the beanie so I’m off to rummage under my sewing table because I know there is a bag full of wool somewhere!!!!

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