Unfortunately, Catherine

I had a lovely comment from Mare’s Nest about all the bits and peices I had been doing of late. Naturally I had to check out her delightful blog and there was one post that really caught my eye.

You all know how much I like silly things – well if you didn’t by the time you are finished reading my blog you will…vbg.  The idea is that you type “unfortunately, you name” into your search engine and see what it brings up.  Do make sure you put in the quotation marks so the search engine does the right search.    The mind boggles at what might appear.

So of course, having little else to do (the housework is being ignored, after all it is the weekend) I typed in “unfortunately, Catherine” and this is what I got.

Unfortunately Catherine has been so busy at work, with 5 year old child with ear ache, with attending a family funeral (distant family), that she has been not able to blog about books much.

Good grief – how much is my life like that????

Unfortunately, Catherine eventually had to go back to working during the day, instead of working the night shift, and stopped spending her nights with him.

Not sure who I’m supposed to be spending my nights with  – but I’ll say it’s my hubby…vbg. As for working nights – you have got to be kidding.

Unfortunately, Catherine dropped hers. My parents asked if anyone would share and I said I would. But then I started licking the ice cream

Ok so now my mind really boggles.  Ewwwwww sharing ice cream.

Unfortunately, Catherine, though young, was far from innocent: In her early teens, she had had an affair.

Yeah right.

Unfortunately Catherine was talking into the side of her mic instead of directly into it like Edi was, so you really have to struggle a bit to listen.

Trust me when I say you will never have a problem hearing me talk with or without a microphone.

Unfortunately, Catherine’s shortcomings as a novel reader correspond with her inability to discern fact from fiction in real life.

What can I say – I like to dream.

Unfortunately, Catherine’s voices have returned, but when they say things like Stop whining! Bear your affliction with patience. You’re a grown woman, …

I don’t listen.

Unfortunately, Catherine now requires the blood of the living to survive…

Considering I sat down and watched “Twilight” with Elise and her friends last night and really enjoyed it  – this really scares me.

Unfortunately, Catherine’s memoirs end before her rise, leaving the reader hungry for a sequel that will never be.

Gosh – is that what my blog is?  A memoir?  Now that is seriously scary.

Now I have dazzeled you with this bit of fun – go on and have a go yourself.  You might be surprised….vbg.

PS  I typed in Elise’s name and look what I got…..

The snow cat and Elise become friends, but unfortunately Elise does indeed let the snow cat inside of her house and he melts away.

I’m surprised she doesn’t let him sleep on her bed – that’s where most of the animals end up.

Unfortunately, Elise doesn’t quite get the concept of saving things for later yet.

I hope she gets the concept of savings soon – she owes me money.

Unfortunately Elise was still quite ill, not having eaten for 4 days she was out of energy,

How close is this to real life?

Unfortunately, Elise lost her cell phone….

This has happened.

Unfortunately, Elise is still making the same wrong choices over and over again and having tantrums when the same consequences present themselves.

Ok so I will stop now before she reads my blog  and throws something at me.  Either that you all will.

Cheerfully and Unfortunately  Yours



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