Quilts, Bags and Dyeing Fabric

Ok – so important news first – I found my camera!!!!!  It was hidden under a pile of fabric and some patterns – like that was any surprise.

So here it is the semi finished 4 Patch 9 quilt.

I am really leaning towards 6 inch (finished) borders in tone on tone cream as then it will fit nicely on the top of a queen size bed.  Nicola has claimed this quilt for the far off, distant day when she too will have a queen size bed (sometime in the next two years) and as I’m a little light on on blankets that fit that size bed (namely Ashley and I have all of them) I was happy to oblige.  I think the binding will be some I already have made up out of all sorts of scraps – the mixed up look will (hopefully) tie in with the quilt nicely.

It’s been a busy week since the kids all returned to school – ohh and they are all STILL at school with no one coming home sick – yipee!!

Monday I cleaned and dusted.  Honestly I don’t do dust – it drives me nuts to move all those little bits and pieces and wipe everything down but it was getting to the stage that the Sahara Desert had moved into my home .  Add lots of loads of washing to the dusting and the house is semi clean.  I even did a bit of pruning in the garden – not to much cause I thought the plants might keel over from shock at the attention they were suddenly getting.

Tuesday I baked – and I mean really baked.  Four cakes and a batch of brownies, not to mention some main meals which are now in the freezer for those “I really can’t be stuffed cooking” days.  The Brownies were delicious too.  I managed a whole two slices. Nicola and James took some for school and Milly ate the rest as she has figured out how to open the containers and stuff her face all in the space of two seconds. I have tried shutting the pantry door but as it’s a sliding door she now knows how to wiggle it open.   Anyone want a Red Heeler??????

Wednesday I washed.  Was that a surprise………. and did the groceries .  One because they were all complaining there was no food in the house – there was, they just had to look and be a bit inventive. More importantly – TWO – I was down to my last carton of milk and I desperately need milk in my cups of tea.  I also dyed heaps more fabric which has been a joy and a pleasure after so long not dyeing anything.

Today I plan to have an entire day at home.  Well at home until Elise has a hair appointment this afternoon.  There are hand dyes to rinse and wash out.  Washing to do.  Wood to collect cause the weather channel is still predicting that we will get cold and WET weather today and tomorrow.  Can’t wait!!!.  Maybe some of the Verandah Views will get drawn onto fabric as I am already two months behind on them and I’m itching to get started. 

Jodie loant me some bag books when I was in Ballarat and I have found one to be particularly inspiring.  So inspiring in fact there are at least five bags (I think) that I want to make before I send the book back.

I’m working on the theory that if I make a bag a day I will have them all done by the end of next week then I can return the book with my grateful thanks for filling my hours with such deliciousness.


11 thoughts on “Quilts, Bags and Dyeing Fabric

  1. Hola cathy, yo veo que usted trabaja mucho en casa, cuantas cosas, cocina lava limpia ,las compras y sobre eso cose sus colchas …a que hora duerme usted? jijiji….hace rendir mucho su tiempo, la felicito, es una muy buena dueña de casa y uma mamá muy preocupada de su familia….me quedo intrigada por el teñido de sus telas…las que me regalo las tiño tambien usted?….estaban realmente hermosas..
    Le dejo un gran abrazo.
    Cariños Odette

  2. OH COOOL! That quilt is so incredible! I love scrappy quilts, and that one is awesome!
    Glad to see you’ve had a productive week :0) Happy Wednesday (Thursday for you already)

  3. I love the way the four patch nine patch is turning out. Blue, brown and cream are such a wonderful combination and that is what it reads like.

    Are you going to make the fan bag with the flowers on the cover? I would love to see how that turns out in real life.

  4. Love the quilt and wow have you ever been busy, lol, nice to see someone accomplishing something. Enjoyed seeing all the hand-dyes drying on the rack and I’ll look forward to seeing your bags when they are done as I love them as well.

    Got a compliment on my crocheted bag I did from the hairdresser so that was cool that somebody noticed. We make these things and then often wonder whether or not anybody else likes them and it’s so rewarding when they do.

  5. I am exhausted just reading of what you have accomplished. The blocks look great and your 4 patch nine quilt is terrific.
    If I supply endless cups of tea, how about coming to organize me????


  6. I love how the quilt looks, amazing how it changes when all those little pieces get put together!! Glad Milly enjoyed the brownie and no sorry I’ll pass on having her – I have Jimmy to contend with!! Dusting happening at my house today – when you can see kitten footprints you know it’s time. Love the look of that book.

  7. Wonderful 4Patch 9 – you have inspired me to do that with those leader/ender 4 patches I already have piled up. hey are 2½ so it is all going to be BIGGER, but hey!
    I agree with Karin – go with that fan bag – it was the one that caught my eye too.
    Mallee dust. Whew. We had lino everywhere except the den which could be shut up when there were dust storms. I remember Mum having to SHOVEL dust out ofter some storms… But the smell after rain is glorious. I hope you got a bucketful. We had practically zilch here. Wont be any croppin’ around here.

  8. The quilt looks great and don’t stress about the book at all – keep it for months…seriously I don’t need it and can’t even remember why I bought it (ahem).

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