Four Patch Nine Progress

Well considering this quilt has just about everything but the kitchen sink in it with regards to fabric I’m really quite pleased with it.

There were lots and lots of little bits of fabric sewn into four patches……

….which then had to be cut apart.  (Sorry about the sideways photo. I can’t figure out how to turn it now it’s on wordpress…..just turn your head and you will get an idea…vbg.)

Those patches then had to be sewn to “light” squares so they could then be turned into 9 patches.

After lots of sewing of nine patches and four patch blocks they then become half of the 4 patch 9 blocks.  (Editorial note – it is easier to take a photo of myself sewing than it is to take a photo of myself cutting patches apart.  Note to self – next time I want to try such contortions get a photographer in ie a semi willing child).

Which in the end turned into 25 full 4 patch 9 blocks

They are now all sewn together and I just have to choose what I want to do for borders. It’s a pretty busy quilt and I think plainer borders might be the way to go.  Sorry no photo as I have temporarily misplaced the camera. I’m sure it’s not gone for good – but it’s defiantely in hiding….sigh.


3 thoughts on “Four Patch Nine Progress

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