A Stroll Around My Garden

It’s Monday.

Monday isn’t usually a very significant day in this household unless you count it as the beginning of the school or working week.

This Monday is special though.

It’s the first time in SIX WEEKS that I am totally child free.

It’s also the first time in SIX WEEKS that all the kids are reasonably well – well enough certainly to go to school and stay there all day.  There is the usual case of “Monday morningitis” and a slight touch of hayfever amongst the younger members of the family – but NOTHING was serious enough for me not to throw them all into the car and bundle them off the school to come home to the blissful sounds of the washing machine, Milly snoring softly and birds singing.

So while I have time how about a quick walk around my garden?

The sand pit is no more. Now it’s a really pleasant spot to sit and read or sew.  I still have to get some rocks or chip bark to put around the pavers – but at least it’s now cleaned up and useful.

The pumpkins are drying off nicely and perhaps in another month I may be able to start picking them ready for storage.

Some unusual bird protection was called for. I planted lettuce, mini cauliflower and mini broccoli in this bed and the black birds have done their best to dig up all the plants.  The creeper at the back of the bird protection is a luffa vine – I’m hoping I will get one or two fruit before the frost hits it – other wise there maybe some strange frost protection happening as well.

Climbinb “Clair Matin” is a mass of blooms at the back of the vegie garden.

The second crop of capsciums are now at a nice picking size.

Unknown dahlia which despite being sadly neglected has rewarded me with this flower.  Now it’s fully open it’s the size of a bread and butter plate.

The Lorraine Lee rose which is outside my sewing room.  With the window open the beautiful scent drifts in inspiring all sorts of creativity.  Just a pity it doesn’t inspire some cleaning up as well.

Autum and the change of seasons is definately here.  The Manchurian Pear (or is it cherry I never remember) is just starting to colour up. It’s the best indication I have in the garden of how the seasons come and go.

One of the best sights I am greeted with as I open our bedroom blinds each morning is my “Dainty Bess” rose flowering in profusion.  She’s a tough old girl surviving those searing hot tempretures of summer that we had and lots of neglect not to mention  no water for weeks at a time and yet look at the display she puts on.


3 thoughts on “A Stroll Around My Garden

  1. Oooh, thank you for posting all the pictures of your garden I’ve missed seeing them this season.

    I’m going to need some kind of netting for the strawberries I think so it was interesting to see what you’d put in place for the black birds.

    I’ve planted peas, carrots, lettuce, radish and parsley so far. It’s still chilly here around 10 degrees but everything seems to be coming up so I’ve been putting in a few things here and there.

    Put in some freeshia, canna lilies, anemones (bulbs, tubers and corms) and then some astibile, columbine and lily of the valley but I’d bought those too early and they were withered in the package so whether or not I see anything is a moot point. Still have some gladiolas to put in.

    It was nice having the planters as it made digging up the garden much easier. There is still lots to do but we finally got some rain today so no digging for me for the next couple of days. John hooked up the rain barrels so hopefully this rain will put some water into them. Real handicap not having the water there. Funny but I couln’t bring myself to use the tap water.

  2. I hope you enjoyed your day. I really enjoyed the tour of your garden, there are so many places in it that I would like to relax with my laptop. (A few years ago it would have been with a book, but I have succumbed to the lure or technology.)

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