Just a Quilt or Two

When I came home from all my traveling I walked into my sewing room and don’t mind admitting that I felt incredibly overwhelmed by all the stuff/crap/treasures that were in there.

While I have been working diligently to reduce the amount of stash that I have it doesn’t seem to be making any noticeable difference to the abundance of goodness that I have.

So what’s a girl to do?

First I have had a bit of clean up – well it was necessary if I was even to get in the door.  Secondly I had Ashley install two more shelves so I could have a bit of a resort and rearrange.  Only two shelves I hear you ask?  Well yes cause that’s all that James would let me take out of his bedroom which was my sewing room and were officially my shelves anyway. Have you ever tried to sneak shelves out of a 9 year olds room with him standing behind you and hubby hovering in the background?  It’s hard!!!

Thirdly – I cut out some more quilts.

What? That was a surprise?

I have been working slowly on a Four Patch Nine quilt in all scraps for a week or so.  Many of the three and a half inch four patch blocks were made, but the other fabrics still had to be cut – so that’s now done and I’m at the pleasant stage of sewing them all together. In the end I cut enough fabric to make twenty five 12 inch blocks which should  make a generous quilt.

Then because I was cutting up scraps and because  I found lots of pinks and purples and blues in the two inch strip box they  just called out to be sewn into something.  So now they are.

Little rain fence blocks.  Not sure how I will lay them out yet – but I do like the colour combinations.  There are 30 blocks in purples/pinks and thirty in blues/creams and all of them have that yummy green as the control colour.  Sorry the green turned out a bit murky in the photo but trust me it really is a lovely green.  The plan is they will all be combined in one quilt – but we shall see when I get that far.

Then, just because my rotary cutter was still sharp, I started cutting white homespun strips for this gorgeous quilt which I found in Quick Quilts #96 which I found for a bargain price of $1.00 at the local primary schools fete.   The plan is that instead of using super bright and bold fabrics I’m going to use 1930’s prints which I have plenty of and which need to be thinned out – considerably.

And just to finish off this hive of industry I cut some more 4 1/2 inch green squares for my “Minties” quilt which is very definately a work in progress as I’m using the blocks as leaders and enders while I’m sewing other things.

After all that industry (and the time spent typing it all up…vbg) I’m defiantely in need of a cuppa and a nice piece of Maderia cake. I can’t have any more Easter Eggs – they are all gone.  : – (

PS – Check out this lovely pattern for a 10 inch Pinwheel. I knew I shouldn’t click on the patterns at Quilters Cache. I have a stack of half square triangles that are left over from previous projects – surely there must be some there I could use…..ahhh another project.  Just what I need to get my mojo back into working order…..not that it had suffered too much of late with all the inspiration I have been seeing……..rather time has been the problem.


2 thoughts on “Just a Quilt or Two

  1. I can see why you like the pinwheel as it’d done up in the 1930’s prints that you love.

    Okay, now I’m feeling guilty. Time to set aside the yarn and start working with the fabric.

    I won’t have a problem with a messy sewing room because come this weekend it’s all got to be cleaned out so company can use the bed. Not so sure about the rest of the house though…maybe I should start now.

    By the way, planted some seeds today 🙂 You’re probably havesting yours.

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