Ballarat….here I come

I’m organised – I think. The case is packed, class gear is sorted and in the car. Just got to organise some food for myself and I’m done. I even vaccumed out the car in honor of the occassion.

Had a hair cut today so I look glamorous for Jodie, Rachel and Annie.  Not that it did much good but at least I look semi tidy….vbg.

I must remember to pinch Elise’s camera so I have photos of the weekend.

I’m so excited about this weekend.  Not even the three hour drive is scaring me – much!!  Actually I think I’m more nervous of meeting the girls than I am of driving….work that one out.

Ashley keeps saying he will come with me for company – but I won’t let him.  This is the first weekend (since we were married) that I will have gone away by myself. How’s that for sad.  I just don’t do trips away.  Especially those by myself.  I know you see other couples who hate travelling and even spending time together – we are the opposite. Part of the enjoyment of a trip away is spending it together and enjoying each others and the children’s company.  Ashley has done plenty of trips I might add – generally with his mates to car races or in the early years weekends flying model areoplanes. I’m the homebody.

Well no more!!!

This could be the beginning of a whole new adventure.

Chat to you all soon.  Have a lovely weekend – I know I will be.


The Wandering One

aka   Catherine


9 thoughts on “Ballarat….here I come

  1. have GPS will travel……….go girl there is no stopping you now………..and you will have a great time with Annie and Jodie…….love them both……….and I am sure Rachel is lovely to I just haven’t met her………

  2. Ah we will pass like ships etc etc – I am going to Lake Boga for the Loooongest Dinner on Saturday night!
    Have a lovely time!

  3. I used to always take trips with my husband as well but now and then I take one by myself, usually there is family at the other end but it can be fun to be all grown up and go by yourself.

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