Ice Dyeing

There is a decided lack of snow around Chez Calidore at the moment. Well ok to be honest there is never any snow at Chez Calidore but never let it be said that I allowed  that small part of nature stop me from creating.

I have been admiring Karen’s snow dyed fabric for ages.  In  fact I have been admiring all of her dyed fabrics for ages but since I have yet to work out how she could send me some snow for me to try her techniques – remember there is a huge ditch of water and half a world between us – without it melting and without causing the Australian and US postal services some major headaches snow dyeing may have remained a long yearned for but not realised dream.

That was until I happened to be cleaning out my freezer.  Ok so there wasn’t much for tea one night and I was searching for inspiration – it happens in the best of households…vbg.  Lucky me found some margarine containers full of ice that we had obviously frozen at one stage for Ashley’s water bottle when he needed it.

Inspiration struck.

Now it’s been a while since I did these but the fuzzy memory that I have seems to recal laying fabric and crushed ice which was then drizzelled with dye in layers and left to batch. I punched some holes in the bottom of the yogurt container so the excess dye and water could run out and not overwhelm whatever was happening to the fabric.

For a while I put it all in the fridge thinking that the ice would still melt – but it seemed to be taking too long – so I sat it on the bench for a few hours.  Back into the fridge it went over night until I could get around to rinsing the fabric.  There was still ice on the fabric but the dye seemed to have done it’s job.

I love how the dyes seem to melt into each other.  Almost cloud like.

Not as melted looking but I could seriously see this design on a larger piece of fabric and made into a very simple skirt.

In the end even though I didn’t have the snow to play with I was still very pleased with how it all turned out.  Yet another dyeing method to add to those I already love to use.


5 thoughts on “Ice Dyeing

  1. Om my Gosh! That’s absolutely fantastic Catherine. I looooove them.
    Rats I just cleaned out the ice in the freezer yesterday. Better go fill some containers so I can play too.
    Oh you are brilliant!! Did you use silk dyes or Procion? Would it work on silk? Oh my, I’m going to have to experiment.

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