The Theory was……

I was resuming normal transmission on this blog beginning this week, however I don’t know that that is quite going to happen.

Elise, I am pleased to say and touching wood, is finally on the mend.  We saw the Doctor again last Thursday after the staff at the clinic finally decided to leave a note for him I that I wanted him to contact me…….arrrrrr.  He rang within half a hour not very happy that the second blood test that Elise had showed some “anomolies” in the liver function and we should have been told to come in and see him straight away not “yes everything is clear and Elise is fine” as we were told. The end result was she had another blood test and we had to wait at the Doctors clinic to see Dr. M.  Definately no sign of Glandular fever which is good but the down side is he really doesn’t know what she has.  Another lot of tablets for the nausea though are at least working and Elise – while not being totally well – is 100% better than she was a week ago.  At last there might be light at the end of the tunnel.

So I thought it time for a crafty peek at what I achieved during this temporary break in crafty transmission.

Remember the wool I bought at the Stitches and Craft show.  The stuff I thought I would make a felted scarf out of.

Well I did make a scarf out of it.  Acutally in the end I didn’t use the purple – it’s been put aside for another project…vbg.

I laid out everything in the laundry figuring if I was going to make a mess then that was the place to do it.  Jess (cat) was fascinated by the olive green wool fibres – until it tangled in his claws and he couldn’t get it out – then he went a bit off the whole idea of playing with it but still stayed to watch me play. Just wish I had thought to get a photo of him.

I made sure that I used the same number and layout of contrast wools on either side so that it didn’t matter which way I wore the scarf then I got to work felting it. I’m telling you if you want a work out this is the way to go!!!  I really raised a sweat by the time I was finished although I’m not sure if that was the work out, the weather or the hot flushes…..sigh.

All finished and drying.  Laid out before felting the scarf measured 170 cm long, after felting it measured 122 cm long.  I had guesstimated that I might loose around 50 cm so that wasn’t bad in the end.  Certainly a scarf of that length is plenty for me.  I deliberately tried to make the ends wave in and out as a bit of a design feature and I think it worked ok.

Any problems with it?  Well apart from the fact it really should have been only half the width – no there isn’t.  I don’t mind that it is wide though – I’m going to fold it in three to wrap around my neck and put a slit in one end up from the bottom to feed the other end though to hold it.  I don’t like scarves or anything for that matter knotted around my neck – it feels like someone is choking me.  Ballarat, according to the weather forecast, is supposed to be cold this weekend so I think that this is one item of clothing I am defiantely packing.

Any bonuses?  Well the fancy wool was layed out straight and due to the shrinkage of the woollen fibres they ended up crinkling in a rather lovely way so that was something I wasn’t expecting.  I did discover though that if I am adding another fibre to the wool it really should have some percentage of wool in it so that it felts with the main fibre.  Anything that was acrylic or man made sort of floats a bit on top of the felt but that’s ok if it’s the look you are after.  No doubt experienced felters would tell me they already knew they – but hey I’m just learning and what better way to learn than trial and error.

7 thoughts on “The Theory was……

  1. OOh, love that kind of felting…gives me itchy felting fingers!!
    Pleased your girl is improving, but unimpressed with the clinic girls…grrr

  2. Brilliant Catherine. Love the colours and the crinkly contrast makes it so much more interesting.
    Wear it with pride.

  3. Wow! This scarf is gorgeous. I am super impressed. We need to see a photo of you wearing it now!!! Glad there is a improvement with Elise, would be nice to know what it is though thats made her so unwell. Bet you are looking forward to the weekend in Ballarat!

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