Not Quite Insane

Hi All

Sorry been a bit missing from blogging land….again!!!

Elise is still sick. I bet you are as sick of reading that as I am of typing it…sigh.  This is obviously a long running and nasty bug.  Two of her friends that we know of have very similar symptoms and one was blood tested as Elise was for Glandular fever.  Ohh and Elise’s test has come back negative for G. Fever which is good in one way but bad in another as we still don’t know what she has.  Talking to different people around town it does seem to be a fairly common bug at the moment – Elise just managed to get the worst dose of it possible it would seem.  Thank heavens the school is being incredibly supportive and the teachers have sent home homework with lovely get well notes and have said she isn’t to worry about her schooling at all as it would seem she is well up at the front of the class when it comes to school work.

Monday Nicola had her Year 7 Immunisations – including the Cervical Cancer one.  I thought she might have had a reaction the next day but she was fine and went to school – the trouble started Wednesday and she spent the day lying on the couch and now won’t be at school until next Monday.

James and Ashley – thank heavens- are both well and I feel like I might be sliding into the cess pool of insanity. I spent yesterday throwing random groceries into a shopping trolley, picking up books and homework from the college for Elise and passed cold drinks, dry biscuits and the occasional buckets to the girls.

To keep my mind sane and so I’m in the same room as the girls,  I have been busy knitting.  A scarf is finished as st a beanie – knitted on circular needles.  It was so easy that I’m contemplating making more of them.  The ironing is today’s job as it is starting to creep across the floor and perhaps a quite sit down with a book might be in order.

I sincerly hope your week has and will be bright and cheery with no illness and plenty of crafting happening.  Thank you all for your blogs.  They are my daily dose of sanity.




5 thoughts on “Not Quite Insane

  1. Take care Catherine, I hope everyone is up to feeling better soon both for their sake and your sanity.

    I’ve always regarded knitting as just another form of basket weaving (do you have that expression over there?)

  2. Catherine that is just the pits!!! And after the two years of “what the heck can it be??”” I really empathise with you…having an extended sick child you can’t really help is like having the air sucked from your home!! Keep sewing and knitting…whatever gets you through! Cheers, tracey

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