Update on the Patients

Yes you did read right – patient is now plural.  Elise is still sick, details in a minute, and now I have Nicola running a temp, nasty cough, sore throat and sore stomach.   No vomiting yet thank goodness and I ‘m hoping rest will cure whatever this bug is.  There was an article in the local paper this morning that a bout of Gastro is doing the rounds so it’s possible Nicola has picked up that.

I finally got a Doctors appointment for Elise yesterday (Thursday) with my Doctor. He said Elise’s weakness, dizziness and nausea is caused by dehydration and she needs to drink more.  We did point out that she was – but he said with the amount of vomiting she did it will take a while to rehydrate the body. He also sent Elise for another blood test as there was a bit of an “anomily” in the first test that he wanted checked more closely.

Guess who really didn’t like that idea especially as the only vein they could find was a deep one and in the same arm that she had had the previous blood test and drip.  The Boss Pathologist had to be called in to extract the blood.  Got to admit he was good though. All over and done with in about 30 seconds which was a blessing all round.

Doctor M. thinks that Elise may have Glandular Fever which he said is common in young adults of her age.  We have to wait until Monday though to get the results  as Doctor M is away until then.  Because Elise is 16 she had to speak to Sister at the clinic as Elise hasn’t given me authorisation to collect her results.  It was all news to us that we even needed that kind of permission.  Anyway we are now playing the waiting game.

I had rung the college to say that she was still ill and the lady in charge of the Year 10’s just rang back and said not to worry about her school work that she would see Elise’s teachers and see if there was anything that she could work on while she was at home.  It is beginning to look like Elise may not return to school this term but they said that was ok and would work around any challenges that Elise and the teachers may face due to this extended illness. So we have had a win there.

I have spent the morning cooking trying to get some meals prepared and into the freezer for any further emergencies or for when I’m so tired that cooking is the furthest thing on my mind.  I could have started at 5 am this morning as I was awake worrying about the girls – but thought that just maybe I shouldn’t.  As a bit of craftiness I have dyed some more fabric (last nights effort to distract myself) and am in the process of washing them out this morning.  They have turned out really well and are a lovely bright spot for today.

Is it possible I could run away from home?  Is it permissable for a Mum to run away from home?   Nope forget that – they would all track me down and drag me home screaming.  You have no idea how much I am looking forward to my Ballarat Weekend.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday all to myself with just lovely crafty people to associate with and learning something new.  Ashley gets to play nurse.


4 thoughts on “Update on the Patients

  1. I had glandular fever at twelve and it is a right bugger. Even when you start to feel ‘no longer sick’ just being is very tiring. I hope she starts to feel better soon.

  2. Make sure you make time for yourself otherwise you’ll be no use to the girls. A little ‘me’ time is the perfect pick me up. I do hope the girls start feeling better soon.

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