Just a Few Goodies

As promised photos of the  goodies Nicola and I bought at the Stitches and Craft Show and later in Bendigo.

One of the Guilds (I think that’s right) at the Craft Show was the Felters Association.  Out of curiosity Nicola  and I stopped.  I’m mean who wouldn’t stop to admire not only the stunning top the young lady was wearing but also the most amazing  display of things felted.  The young lady manning, or should that be ‘womanning” I wonder, was just a mine of information. All freely given and in terms that both Nicola and I could understand.  She had samples to show what each stage of the felting process looked like and was very encouraging.

Well so encouraging that I just had to have a go.  Now I will confess to liking the idea of felting but hadn’t go so enthusiased that I wanted to buy the materials and have a play…. but I just had to buy the above wool in the hopes I would one day make a scarf.

Being so enthusiased on this scarf making and seeing another lady actually sewing wool together on the overlocker to make a scarf – yes knitting on the overlocker believe it or not – got me even more excited.  These wools were bought in Bendigo at Spotlight.  I have played with the over locker since I have been home but to no avail.  I just can’t get the strips to sew together nicely – I should have asked more questions but it seemed so simple.  Arrr.  Never mind the above goodies will still be used to make a scarf but I will use the gammill to sew it all together.  Details when I get around to it.

Of course you can never have too much wool so here are a few more bits and peices bought at Spotlight all ready to play with. I am going to try to felt some of those bigger hanks.

Nautrally fabric was purchased.  Did you really think that I wouldn’t…vbg.

Thse are going to be made into bags.

Just because I couldn’t resisit them.

These are to be used in the Verandah Views Stichery that I am slowly working my way though.

And of course Nicola, following closely in her mother’s footsteps, just had to buy these…..

and this…….

Nicola had been wanting a bag pattern for quite some time and just couldn’t resist this Nicole MallalieuHobo” Bag.  I’m seriously going to borrow this pattern and make a bag for myself.  Best of all Nicole had a wonderful display of her bags at the craft show so you could actually see what size and shape the bag was.  Brilliant.  There is nothing worse than trying to work out how big a bag is and then being disappointed with the finished item.  Can I just say having read the instructions a couple of times that if you are a bit hesitant to have a go at making a bag – then try Nicole’s patterns.  Truly they are the most comprehensive patterns I have seen for ages and step by step take you through what you need to do.  No affils and all that but I have to say that I was so pleased that Nicola chose this bag pattern from this designer to make.  Not only do I love the bag as well…..lol….. but Nicola will  learn how to make it properly and hopefully be able to do most of it by herself with little help from me.  I have to say I also love the fabric Nicola  choose to make it in.  The red patterned is for the outside and the green is the lining.


3 thoughts on “Just a Few Goodies

  1. I am so glad that you not only went but had such a good time – I bet you feel really chuffed that you successfully navigated your way there and back… LOL I bet Ashley was just as pleased at your success and all that fabric _ my other half just grins when he see my “little” stash _ I keep telling him it is for my retirement!!!!! The bag pattern looks divine – I am reluctant to try bag making for that very reason – the instructions!!!! I am so glad that things have improved on the homefront with the walking wounded – take care – Sharon xxx (Melbourne)

  2. Thanks for sharing your goodies it’s almost like being there and I’ll be looking forward to seeing Nicole’s bag.

    Love the wool and yarn you bought especially from Spotlight. What is Spotlight a craft store? Everyone seems to mention it in their blogs.

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