Gosh it seems like a month since we were in Castlemaine for the long weekend but it was truly only a few days ago.

Castlemaine is not quite three hours drive from home for us even with towing the Suzuki and having idiots sitting on 80 km/hour in a 10o km/hour zone which the highway is until we were safely able to pass them.

We stopped at the Castlemaine Gardens Caravan Park which is right next to the Botanic Gardens which, thankfully, occupied James for an hour or so one day picking up acorns and checking out the ducks while Ashley had a sleep and Elise did homework.  The caravan park is absolutely wonderful.  Very clean, pet friendly so the kids amused themselves choosing which dog they would like to have – not that that was going to happen and an easy drive into the center of town.  I would love to go back when we have had decent rain as the gardens were very dry – but still magnificent with their stately trees.  The gardens created the  ideal opportunity to take some  photos of both Nicola and James and to let them feed the ducks.

Castlemaine, to me at least, gave me the impression of an elderly lady who is very content to settle into her old age as gracefully as possible.  Beautiful old buildings, wide streets and very friendly people.  There is plenty of life in the old girl though.  There are newer sections which building of new homes seems to be happening at a significant level but these sections, rather like a pair of hot pink frilly knickers, are hidden behind very demure skirts.

We spent quite some time in The Restorers Barn.  Honestly if you are into restoring your older home – check this place out. I could have spent hours in there and with unlimited budget spent a fortune – unfortunately Ashley put the brakes on my spending and the only thing I bought was two pairs of very solid dressmaking scissors – one each for Nicola and myself.

We checked  out the book shop that was near by and of course Ashley acquired further DVD’s to add to his collection of Top Gear viewing.  I didn’t complain though as I like Top Gear too and as it happened Threadbear Quilting was just around the corner and come hell or high water I was going in for a look and possibly a little purchase or two…vbg.  Lovely, friendly service .  Beautiful shop absolutely packed to the rafters with stunning fabrics and all the gadgets you could possibly want.  Throw in the most amazing quilts and I was in heaven.

I just couldn’t resist this pattern for a Yo Yo bag and Nicola found a thimble that fitted her tiny finger so she was happy.

We spent one day at Maldon which is about half an hour away from Castlemaine.  Of course visited the Lolly Shop – as if we were going to be able to avoid that particular store.

Naturally Nicola and I (radars highly tuned ) found the Village Patch which is another of the friendliest patchwork shops you could ever want to visit.  The lady there congratulated Nicola on being addicted to patchwork as she was bagging up the beginnings of Nicola’s stash – three fat quarters….vbg.

Home again on the Monday to three very happy dogs who missed us dreadfully and lots of loads of washing, a broken down washing machine and by Tuesday a very sick Elise.


One thought on “Castlemaine

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time I can picture it in my head. These are the vacations that memories are built upon.

    I remember as a kid mom and dad renting a cottage by the lake and catching catfish minnows and visiting the local general store and picking out the penny candy there. I don’t remember much from being young but I do remember those two summers.

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