Another Update

Well the patient is slowly improving thank goodness.  Still no energy but at least she is now nibbling on a dry biscuit every now and then.  Only sick once this morning which was a blessing all round although she is till very white and incredibly tired.

I’m off to the Stitches and Craft show with Nicola in the morning.  I feel a bit guilty leaving Elise while she is so ill but the truth is she has two parents (not just little old  me) and Ashley is just as capable of looking after her as I am.  Besides he has James to help…..roflmol.  In fact she may be better with dealing with just Ashley as he doesn’t give in quite as much as I do and he has promised me that he will take her directly to the hospital if there is any change for the worse – which at this stage I highly doubt will happen.

So the car is fuelled up with not only petrol but plenty of snacks as well plus my CD’s.  No doubt they will not be to Nicola’s taste but I don’t care it’s my car….vbg.  Ohh and I don’t think I mentioned I’m travelling in the new car.  Well ok so it’s not brand spanking new but pretty darn close.  It’s a Ford Territory. Super comfy, 6 stack CD Player (can I tell you it’s been a struggle to find six CD’s that are all my own), the best air conditioning a girl could want, reversing camera and best of all cruise control.  Love it.  Ohh and there’s a DVD player for the kids which they are pretty darn happy about.  Best of all it’s mine – all mine…..(laughing madly).  Ashley is banned from driving it…well for a while at least.  I want to enjoy it before he starts altering things on me.

Ok off to make a final cuppa then bed for me. A 5 am start for Nicola and I is going to come around awfully early.

Chat to you all when I get home on Sunday to hopefully a very much improved girl and a house that doesn’t look like a bomb hit it.

Thanks again all for the best wishes and lovey comments for Elise.  We both appreciate them.

Crafty Hugs



One thought on “Another Update

  1. Have a fabulous time, give Jodie and Annie a hug for me and when you get home if your girl is better than you wioll be able to cope with the ‘Mum went away for teh weekend’ bomb that went off!!

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