Home Again and Some Excitement

Hi All Home again after the most relaxing and fun weekend we have had for ages.

Photos soon I promise but at the moment I am washing in the old twin tub washing machine (super slow way to do clothes) as my machine has thrown a hissy fit and isn’t working – just what I don’t need.  I’m crossing my fingers that I may just get a new machine if I’m very lucky as I loathe the front loader and am not sure why I was talked into buying it in the first place.

Add to that I have Elise home sick again, vomiting and migraine annnnnd an English Exam this afternoon, just don’t go together.  Not sure if the illness is due to the stress of an exam or something she has eaten – but I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt for now – mainly due to the number of times I have seen her be sick!!!   sigh

The exciting news is I have just rung, booked and paid for a class at Ballarat Patchwork “Hand Quilting – The Thimble Lady Technique with Pan Janson” to be held on Saturday April 4 which as it happens also happens to be the first weekend of the holidays so I can go away guilt free and possibly leave the family at home for a relaxing weekend do what I want…..big breathe……can’t you tell I’m excited…lol.    Somehow I think they all want to come along too and do some exploring without me but as Easter is the following weekend and we are going out bush to get wood – they might all have to stay home and get organised.  It would certainly be a change from me doing the organising.

Right best go and hang out another load.  I did buy some goodies while away, as did Nicola…vbg – photos of those soon, was seriously tempted by some antiques and worked very hard on a UFO which is now finished and on the table so in all it was a successful weekend.

3 thoughts on “Home Again and Some Excitement

  1. I hope by now Elise is feeling a little better, seems to be a lot going around again at the moment. I sympathise with you having to use the twin tub!!! While I was away at the funeral the washing mounted up and I’m not sure I will ever catch up!!! Well done on booking into the class in Ballarat, how nice to have something to look forward to! Can’t wait to see the goodies you bought on the weekend.

  2. Glad you had a great weekend away and hope that Elise is up to feeling better soon.

    If you replace the washing machine, I know it seems obvious but get one that’s efficient at using water, perhaps one reason why you bought the front loader in the first place. You can probably fix that one though. I’m not sure that they’re that difficult to figure out.

    Mind you having said that we fixed our former machine and it was a waste of money because really the tub was rusting away at the time so it was good money after bad so to speak, we should have just bought a new one.

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