It’s The Little Things in Life…..

….that really make the days super wonderful.

Wednesday (3rd March) was Elise’s 16th Birthday. My little girl is now no longer – she is a young lady in every sense of the word.

Having a party with her friends Saturday night was the big celebration – as a family we celebrated by having fish and chips from the shops  and a Chocolate Mud Cake for the Birthday Cake. Both requests of the Birthday Girl and as we all know a Birthday Girl gets to choose what they want for tea.  Well at least they do in this household.

It’s not often I actually get a photo of one girl hugging the other.  Nicola was more than happy to oblige – Elise less so…vbg.

I can at last reveal what Nicola’s little project was ……

A table centre for Elise.  All Nicola’s own work and she did a wonderful job.

Now finally you know how the little things of life really fascinates me.  How the strangest of things can hold my interest.


Well check this out…..

I noticed these ants as I was walking out to the clothes line.

At first I thought they were…..well …….dead!!  After all they weren’t moving.

I poked them.

Yes I know mean, but they fascinated me.

They moved!

Turns out they were having a Tug of War over the insect.  Every now and then a third ant would wander up, no doubt telling both of them to stop being so stupid and to share between them and the rest of the nest, but these two weren’t having a bar of that conversation.

In the end I wandered off – my attention span regarding two ants is fairly limited I will admit – and I’m not sure what did happen in the end.

So on that note I’m off to cook some lunch.  Most of the “stuff” we need is all packed in the bus – I’m just waiting for Ashley to get home and pull out what clothes he wants to take – I don’t pack his anymore cause apparently I always pack the wrong things!!!  Then there is just the kids to pick up after school  and we are off to Castlemaine for the long weekend.  Hopefully I will have heaps of lovely photos to show you next week.

Have a lovely weekend.


6 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things in Life…..

  1. Have a lovely w/e in The Maine – where are you staying? Sorry I wont be around, we are off to Mitta Mitta for the w/e too.
    Funny ants – wonder what they were going to do with it?
    Happy travels, and have a lovely time.

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  3. Happy belated birthday, Elise.

    What a lovely present Nicola made. Your girls have inherited your talent. It is wonderful that at such a young age quilting interests them!

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