Stitches and Craft Show

On the off chance no one has noticed – and I bet missing it would be a bit like missing a landslide – the details for the Craft Labs and Studios at the Stitches and Craft Show in Melbourne are up on the site.

I have had a quick glance over them but can see I might have to print out the very extensive list and try and work out just what I can and can’t do in the time that I am there.

I also need to work out what I need buy, what I want to buy and of course what I don’t need or want but just have to buy…vbg and just how much money I can talk Ashley into giving me.  Ohh and must work out a plan to hide the credit card so he doesn’t find it and hide it on me…..roflmol…..acutally I don’t think he would dare do that one…vbg.

Elise and I are definately going. She has no idea what she wants to look at but assures me that she will find something even if she isn’t “the slightest bit crafty” – Elise’s words not mine.  I think she is pretty talented but school work often gets in the way of doing other, more fun stuff.


2 thoughts on “Stitches and Craft Show

  1. There are going to be some great exhibitions of vintage clothes and wearable art and just about everything you can imagine. When I am not petrified I am quite excited….

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