Another Quilt Top

I have been working very hard on the Seven Shirts, Seven Steps Mystery Quilt and finally have a finished quilt top to show for my efforts.

By Friday it looked like this…….

By Sunday night (due to my locking myself in my sewing room and ignoring all pleas for food, drink and help from the kids) I had this much done……

I have picked a pretty blue tone on tone fabric for the border – just to bring out the blue in the fabrics more.  Now just to piece the back and quilt it.  As I didn’t use complete shirts (haveing pinched bits of each fabric on previous occassions for other “stuff”) I didn’t have enough for the backing as well.  Still there are plenty of other shirts there that I can use.

Nicola has also been busy working on a project of her own.  Here’s a sneak peek….

More photos of it soon.


6 thoughts on “Another Quilt Top

  1. Ah cool! I recall you saying that you had made a boo-boo with the snowball blocks (having the colors in the opposite corners), but COOL! That turned out AWESOME! I love that Pink (?) in there! (it looks pink, but may be orangey?)
    And yes—the piano keys were such an interesting choice that I wasn’t expecting :0)

    Can’t wait to tackle mine now——I was busy with other things today :0)
    Happy Sunday

  2. Wow, those piano keys really make that quilt POP! It’s beautiful.

    Can’t wait to see what Nicola’s quilt will be.

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