Plumbers, Sewing and a Sick Daughter

Not lots happening here unless you count the chaos which is at an all time high.

The plumber arrived Wednesday and spent the entire day replacing hot water services, fixing  pipes and other odds and sods.  He came back again last night to do a bit more and again this morning.  Not all the jobs are done but the most important ones are taken care of which is main thing.

Elise had an excursion to Melbourne on Tuesday to visit the Holocost Museum which she found fascinating.  They are studying the book “Night” in English which is about one man’s experience of the concentration camps.  Neither the book or the museum are my cup of tea but Elise is really enjoying them.  Wednesday she was a bit “off”.  Headachey and feeling just a bit unwell. I put it down to being very, very tired after such a long day.  Now we know it was the beginnings of a stomach bug which may have been caused by the pizza she had for tea in Melbourne Tuesday night.  Either way it has left a lasting impression on her.  Between running to the sink and the loo she hasn’t been a well girl.  Thinking that it was just her, Elise sent a text to her friend who had also had the pizza for tea and she was unwell also which makes us both think that there is a definite link as no one else in the class has been ill.  Thankfully she is on the mend and at last eating again which is a good thing as she has to work tomorrow (Saturday) and is going out for tea with a few of her friends to celebrate her birthday (which isn’t until next week) tomorrow night.

I have managed to get a couple of slices made this morning – hedgehog and a jelly slice – plus the usual umpteen loads of washing and have sewn a few more squares onto those snowball blocks.  My plan for this afternoon is to sit and trim the blocks while perhaps watching “Notting Hill” with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.   It’s my absolute all time favorite film although I’m never to sure if it’s the characters I love or the music.

I must say thank you too for all those lovely comments about my Sampler Quilt.  It was a lovely way to start my morning.  For those who are tempted to try a Sampler Quilt check out the Bears Paw Sampler on Fat Cat Patterns.  It really is stunning – all variations of the Bears Paw block which I don’t think I have ever made.  Maybe another quilt on my “to do” list.

PS  Step Four of the Seven Shirts,  Seven Steps Quilt is posted.  Love the design of the quilt centre, pop over and check it out.  You will have to scroll down a post to see it.


3 thoughts on “Plumbers, Sewing and a Sick Daughter

  1. Hey Calidore. Step 4 of SS&SS goes SUPER fast! I whipped out the Snowballs and the layout in a 2-hour setting. Looking forward to seeing your “colors.”

    So sorry to hear about the illnesses. HOpefully all are faring well now???

    Lovely sampler blocks as well. It’s quite fun when those “one thing after another” events happen and suddenly you have a WHOLE quilt layout! Woo-hoo!

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